YET ANOTHER GAFFE: Joe Biden forgets what he's talking about, slurs words while talking to Al Gore

(Screenshot from Joe Biden for President 2020)

At this point in the 2020 United States presidential campaign, with as many gaffes that Joe Biden has had, it may be a bit surprising to see the Democratic Party stick with him all the way to November. It's obvious that something isn't right with the former vice president, and a moment of embarrassment has struck again, this time in a climate change virtual town hall with Al Gore.

And it was so bad, that even Gore looked confused as to what was going on with Biden.

As you saw, the conversation originally started with Biden trying to hit President Donald J. Trump, but it backfired when he completely lost track of what he was saying. Immediately, the former VP would then shift over to climate change.

As a result, it would create confusion on the face of Gore, who would raise his eyebrows as to what Biden was exactly talking about. And it's not just the forgetfulness of Biden that had Gore, and most viewers, confused -- it was also the fact that Biden was also slurring his words and making errors with his grammar i.e. "the climate change."

With gaffe after gaffe after gaffe ... after gaffe ... it's obvious that something is wrong with Joe Biden. Now, we just wait to see if the Democratic Party will do anything about it.