Top European club chief: It 'would not be a surprise' if Man United re-signed Ronaldo in summer

(Photo: ChilledZoneGH)

According to a top European club chief, it "would not be a surprise" if Manchester United re-signed Cristiano Ronaldo and brought him back to Old Trafford this summer.

With the financial pressure that Juventus is now under due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ronaldo has been involved in multiple reports regarding a possible exit from the club, which creates both drama and a situation where only a few teams could afford him -- that's where Manchester United comes in.

Earlier in the month, there were reports coming out of Italy that were claiming that Juventus paying Ronaldo his giant £510,000-per-week wages could become a problem.

According to famous Spanish journalist Guillem Balague, a top European club director of football, who would go unnamed, is saying that he wouldn't be surprised at all if Man United decided to make a move for their former superstar.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Balague said: "Interestingly I was told by a director of football of a top club in Europe: 'How about if Manchester United decided to go for him?'," said Balague on his YouTube channel. "And I said: 'No, that cannot be possible, they actually are putting the money somewhere else, they are looking for a different type of player'. But he told me: 'I wouldn't be surprised'."