'They're murdering these people': Nurse says NYC hospital intentionally killing COVID-19 patients

In New York City, a nurse on the frontlines treating COVID-19 has made the claim that patients are "literally being murdered" by medical mismanagement and negligence every single day, and that "nobody cares because they're all minorities."

Speaking out quite emotionally, 37-year-old Nicole Sirotek explained that going to work as a nurse on the frontlines is like "going into the f***ing twilight zone."

"They're not dying of COVID. Yes, people are going to die of COVID, I know this, I'm not like a new grad student. I am literally saying they're murdering these people," said Sirotek. "And nobody cares because they're all minorities and we're in the f***ing hood and that's not okay."




"I legitimately don't know what to do anymore. Even the advocacy groups don't give a s*** about these people," expressed Sirotek. "Like literally, Black Lives Don't Matter here."

In a very emotional video that was posted on YouTube, Sirotek blew the whistle on these allegations, and her reason to go public was due to previous patient advocating going ignored.

"What I need is someone to help me save these people from being killed from gross negligence and medical mismanagement," stated Sirotek. "And no-one is listening to me."

According to official reports, New York City has been hit the hardest out of any area of the Untied States with a tally of 13,274 confirmed deaths of COVID-19, with another 5,383 deaths that are listed as probable.

When it comes to cases, NYC has reportedly been hit with more than 170,000. As a result, it would become the epicenter of the U.S., and original media reports would have hospitals and medical staff swamped by the virus, with both their own ranks and patients.

As a result, Nicole Sirotek -- a mother of two children from Elko, Nevada -- would travel to New York City to assist as a medic, joining hundreds of others, for the COVID-19 pandemic.

With NYC getting hit as hard as it was and desperately needing help in original reports, it would lead people like Sirotek to leave her young family and be separated from them for hundreds of miles. Her husband Ryan, 39, would post on his Facebook that he missed his wife, however, he was proud of her for "kicking a**" in New York City.

Now working in the city for some time, Sirotek is claiming something different about the state of hospitals in New York other than them being swamped. Instead, she explained that hospitals are no where as busy as they were and there are loads of nurses in the wards ready to assist with COVID-19.

With how well hospitals are doing now, Sirotek said there is "no reason" for the coronavirus deaths that she has witnessed, other than mismanagement, incompetence and a recklessly tremendous lack of care from some of the personnel at the hospital.

"They're medically mismanaging these patients…Nobody is listening," said Sirotek. "They don't care. I'm literally coming here each day and watching them kill them."

From a breakroom, Sirotek would explain deaths that she had witnessed at the hospital, saying that they aren't just avoidable, but in some instances, some deaths were caused by medical intervention.

"Literally only one side of his chest is inflating. He dies," explained Sirotek when she was telling a story about one of her patients dying when they were waiting for an X-ray, and this after Sirotek warned -- and was ignored -- that the anesthesiologist had misplaced the patient's ventilator tube.

Sirotek would also state how a resident doctor saw a patient with their heart still beating and they would defibrillate them anyways.

"The resident starts doing chest compressions which is not what you do. I run to stop him. He f***ing defibrillates him and kills him," declared Sirotek. "I was literally saying, 'Can you stop him? He's going to kill that patient.' And the director of nursing just shook his head and I turned around and he killed the dude."

It didn't stop there either. Sirotek would also tell horrific stories of another nurse placing a feeding tube into the lungs of a patient, another nurse that put a lethal dose of short acting insulin into a patient when it should have been long acting instead and another who ended up falling asleep that allowed a patient to suffer permanent mental impairment because of dropped blood pressure.

Sirotek also spoke of another patient who would end up choking to death on his own blood because of an anesthesiologist rupturing his esophagus because of trying to intubate him. Another patient's lungs were "blown out" due to a ventilator that wasn't set properly.

It hasn't been just Sirotek either who has spoken negatively about ventilators. Multiple other medics who have been treating COVID-19 patients have also expressed their own concerns about the potential dangers and efficacy of ventilators.

According to a recent survey, 25% of patients in New York City that have been put on ventilators have ended up dying, with a few doctors saying that they actually do little good for most patients, and in fact, do more harm than anything to most.

"Guys, they don't even know when people are dead," said a clearly drained Sirotek. "How many times have I told you they've assigned me a dead person?"

With one particular patient, Sirotek said that she was assigned to them and expressed concerns multiple times the night before, but they would end up dying of the virus.

"They assigned him to me, and he was already in a body bag," said Sirotek.

"It's like if we were in Nazi Germany and they were taking the Jews to a gas chamber and I'm the one saying, 'Hey, that's not okay. This is wrong,'" stated Sirotek. "And then everyone tells me, 'Hang in there. You're doing a great job. You can't save everybody.'"

Sirotek would go on to say that she understands some people will suffer organ failure from COVID-19 and pass away as a result, and that she accepts that not everyone can be saved, but then said, "I'm pretty sure when you defibrillate someone with a heart rate of 40 and a stable rhythm, that's murder."

"And I'm pretty sure when you put someone's PEEP (Positive End Expiratory Pressure on a ventilator) up to 25, and PEEP doesn't go past like 15 or 20, and you blow someone's lungs out and they die, that's murder," expressed Sirotek.

Sirotek has attempted to alert nursing administration and advocacy groups, but said that it made no difference whatsoever.

"Can someone come up with some kind of solution for me? Because I'm kind of out of ideas. Am I the only one who's not a sociopath? To think that this is not okay?," said Sirotek.

"I grew up poor. I know how it feels to have nothing and for nobody to advocate for you and that's why I get really upset," stated Sirotek.

Before ending the video to start a shift at a new unit, Sirotek would have one final statement, given off as more of a chilling warning:

"Stay safe. Stay out of New York City for your health care."