South Dakota citizens throw their governor parade after not locking down state due to COVID-19

(Photo: Citizen Free Press)

On Monday, citizens of South Dakota would throw their governor, Republican Kristi Noem, a parade for her decision to not lock down the state and issue a stay-at-home order due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Twitter, Noem would share a video of South Dakotans honking their car horns, as well as emergency vehicles blaring their sirens to celebrate the governor.

"It's a parade for you. Wave to 'em!" a woman said to the governor off-camera.

"I am so blessed to serve the people of the great State of South Dakota. You folks made my day!" tweeted Noem.

Noem has been receiving lashback for not ordering a stay-at-home order for her state, but she has defended her move of not locking down the state, citing the fact that South Dakota has not seen the cases that projections have predicted.

“I think we’ve got maybe 60 people in the hospital right now,” Noem stated last week. “We have 2,500 beds set aside for COVID-19 patients, but we only have 63 in. We probably, from all of our projections and studying the science behind the virus, we won’t peak until the middle of June. But we already have done much better than what we had thought would have been hitting our state already.”