POLL: Majority of Americans believe that mail-in ballots will see surge in election voter fraud

(Photo: Jeff Miller)

According to a new poll, almost 6-in-10 Americans who are most likely to vote are concerned that mail-in ballots in a federal election could see voter fraud skyrocket.

The study, done by Rasmussen Reports, would poll 1,000 most likely voters in the 2020 presidential election and 58% (nearly 6-in-10) of those surveyed are saying that mail-in voting could contribute to a rise in voter fraud -- this based off of the idea that mail-in ballots could be used in the approaching federal election, mainly pushed by Democrats.

Out of all of the Americans polled, 36% would say that they are "very concerned" about a surge in voter fraud if mail-in voting is used in the federal election. 22% of Americans would join their concerns, saying they are "somewhat" worried about election fraud. The rest of the people who were polled, a minority 39%, would say that they're not worried about voter fraud from mail-in ballots.

With Republicans who were surveyed, 80% would express their concern about voter fraud if we were to use mail-in ballots for the presidential election -- more than 50% of independent/swing voters would also be concerned about a possible surge. The majority of Democrats would say that they're not worried about fraud, though it would only be 53% to 47%, so even nearly half of Dems are concerned about a potential spike.

Last week, The Powell Times would report on federal data showing that 28.4 million mail-in ballots have disappeared since the 2012 nationwide election.