POLL: Both Republicans and Democrats agree on punishing China, returning jobs, manufacturing to USA

(Photo: Shari Sirotnak on Unsplash)

When China decided to keep the COVID-19 virus a secret and cover it up when this crisis began, all they did was shoot themselves in the foot, as both Republicans and Democrats want punishment for the communist country. But that's not all, they also want American jobs returned to the United States of America.

According to a new McLaughin & Associates survey, anger is tremendously high among the American people, with around 75% (three out of four) of likely voters wanting to axe the current trading partnership between the U.S. and China.

Originally when the pandemic started, there was a lot of divisiveness about how to identify the virus, whether calling it the coronavirus, "China virus" or "Wuhan virus." However, despite that debate, there's been a lot of unity among Americans on both sides of the aisle that China lied and didn't provide information to the rest of the world that could have helped control COVID-19.

Even more impactful, the vast majority of Americans agree that the United States should end the policy of shipping vital manufacturing and jobs over to China, and that we must end our dependence on medical equipment and technology coming from the Chinese.

“The pandemic has forged an historic consensus that crosses party lines on the need for unity, an embrace of American domestic manufacturing capability to restore our economy, and the need to recognize that China seeks to leverage the aftershocks of COVID-19 to advance their own geo-political agenda,” the survey analysis from John McLaughlin and Jim McLaughlin stated.

President Donald Trump and his administration have already made moves to balance things out and make global trade more fair for the United States, particularly with the Chinese. And the need to even things out even more is on the minds of Americans left and right (literally), according to the survey, with citizens from both sides wanting a closer trade gap and manufacturing that was sent to Beijing brought back to the U.S.

The poll also highlights that Trump's trust issues against China have spread throughout the country among the population, especially here in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Commissioned by Lawrence Kadish -- an entrepreneur, real estate developer and founder of the Museum of American Armor -- the survey showed that 70% of Americans agreed that China covered up the coronavirus. Out of that 70%, 84% were Republicans, while 58% were Democrats.

On the subject of ending dependence on the Chinese with medical equipment, 75% of Americans agreed with doing that. Republicans would have massive strong support for this, while the majority of Democrats (62%) also want to end reliance on China.

When it came to "essential" manufacturing and technology, the strong majority of Americans once again agreed, saying that companies need to return to the United States from China and need to be rewarded with tax credits and incentives to help out with their return and create jobs for Americans. 72% overall would agree with this, with 84% of Republicans agreeing and 57% of Democrats.