North, South Korea trade gunfire after Kim Jong-un makes public return

One of the most recent photos of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un just one day before gunfire was shared between North and South Korea at their borders. (Photo: Korean Central News Agency/Korea News Service)

SEOUL, South Korea — On Sunday, soldiers from both North Korea and South Korea would trade gunfire at their already tense border, according to the military of the South. Back in 2018, the two sides would make an unprecedented move to decrease front-line animosities, and this is the first negative incident between the two since then.

As far as overall incidents are concerned, that's nothing out of the ordinary between North and South Korea, as it's happened before on multiple occasions. And Sunday's altercation gives us some insight on how tense the border still is. However, observers of the incident did say that neither side suffered any casualties and it's not likely that the situation will escalate from here.

In a statement from the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Seoul, South Korea, troops from North Korea would send several shots at a guard post of the South that was located in the border zone. In retaliation, South Korea would then fire off 20 rounds of warning shots, doing this on two different occasions, and then ending things off with a warning broadcast.

Military from South Korea would also state they didn't have any casualties, and defense officials are saying that it's not likely that North Korea suffered any either -- especially considering the warning shots were fired at a North Korean territory that is uninhibited. The media outlet in the North, Korean Central News Agency, or KCNA for short, did not report about the altercation immediately.

Later on during the day of the shooting, South Korea would send a message to North Korea to put a halt to any growing tension between the two sides, but the North would not give them an immediate reply, according to the South's military.

The incident between the two sides of North and South Korea comes a day after the North would broadcast video of their leader Kim Jong-Un making an appearance after taking a 20-day hiatus from the public eye, allegedly because of health conditions and undergoing surgery.