IT WORKED: Pressure has Michigan governor wanting to re-open state on May 1

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer appears on Good Morning America on April 17, 2020. During the televised interview, Whitmer says she is considering opening some restrictions on May 1, but the decision will be driven by data and science. (Screenshot from ABC's "Good Morning America")

On Friday, a day after the stay-at-home order protest in Michigan, Governor Gretchen Whitmer would express on the nationally televised "Good Morning America" that she is leaning in the direction of re-opening the state by easing restrictions, and is wanting to do so as early as May 1. It also happens to be when her current stay-at-home order expires, so it looks like an extension of that is certainly out of the question at this point.

Her words would come in an interview on ABC's "Good Morning America" after George Stephanopoulos pressed Whitmer about Michigan's next door neighbor, Ohio, and their governor, Mike DeWine, who called for his state's economy to get rolling again on May 1.

Whitmer would go on to say that it will be data that will make her decisions, but the restrictions that she has put into place has created a fiery population and intense protests, so intense that heavily armed militia showed up and a load of vehicles caused traffic jams in front of the state capitol -- along with a lot of honking horns that has been looked at as "America's freedom ringing." Michigan's protest has created a chain reaction among other states in the country.

Regarding the possibility of re-opening on May 1, Whitmer would state:

“I do hope to have some relaxing come May 1, but it’s two weeks away and the information and the data and our ability to test is changing so rapidly it’s hard to tell precisely where we’ll be a week from now, much less two."