HYPOCRISY: Democrats having tough time with Joe Biden sexual assault claims after #MeToo movement

(Photo courtesy of the University of Delaware)

Several top leaders in the Democratic Party and those on the side of the 2020 presidential candidate, Joe Biden, are being pressed about claims of sexual assault from Tara Reade against the former vice president. And the timing couldn't be any worse for them, as many in the party are looking for stronger support for their presumptive nominee.

Over the past few days, some of the highest-profile supporters of Biden haven been put on the spot in regards of their support, as well as the sexual assault allegations -- this includes Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who also ran for the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. The biggest though has to be Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who recently ended his run for the nomination and put his endorsement behind Biden.

The allegations that were brought up by Reade, a woman who was involved in the Senate office of Biden in the early 1990's, have been denied by the former vice president.

Here were the comments from each Klobuchar, Whitmer and Sanders on the matter:

Bernie Sanders

"I think it's relevant to talk about anything. And I think any woman who feels that she was assaulted has every right in the world to stand up and make her claims. I think that she has the right to make her claims and get a public hearing, and the public will make their own conclusions about it. I just don't know enough about it to comment further."

Amy Klobuchar

"All women in these cases have the right to be heard and have their claims thoroughly reviewed. [Biden is a] leader [on domestic abuse issues.]"

Gretchen Whitmer

"Well, I think women should be able to tell their stories. I think that it is important that these allegations are vetted, from the media to beyond. And I think that, you know, it is something that no one takes lightly. But it is also something that is, you know, personal. And so it's hard to give you greater insight than that, not knowing more about the situation."