Freedom continues to ring in America as Texas joins states revolting against stay-at-home orders

Two men in face masks working out in the park during a coronavirus lockdown. (Photo by Kate Trifo on Unsplash)

Stating that the stay-at-home order goes against their protected constitutional rights, both pastors and activists in the state of Texas have filed a lawsuit against Governor Greg Abbott. And not only does this add the Lonestar State to the list of revolving states against lockdowns, but it also proves the left-wing narrative wrong about these being "political rallies," and this due to Abbott being a Republican.

According to the Houston Chronicle, conservative activist Steve Hotze and multiple pastors in the Houston area have slammed Abbott, as well as Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, for "imposing draconian, unconstitutional requirements"on the state's citizens in a lawsuit that was filed in Travis County on Thursday.

The lawsuit read, via the Houston Chronicle:

“Once government and its constituents start operating on the basis of fear rather than facts, they are willing to take whatever medicine is prescribed, no matter how harmful the side effects may be. Churches and small businesses are shut down, and Texans right to move about freely is restricted. For all practical purposes, the governor’s executive order constitutes a ‘lock-down.’"