Florida, Georgia, Texas all see declines in COVID-19 cases despite reopening

When some states decided to end their COVID-19 lockdown early, experts claimed that they would see an immediate surge in new cases, however, those states have seen level numbers with no spikes, according to Axios. On top of that, you also have other states such as Florida, Georgia and Texas who have all actually seen drops in their daily coronavirus cases.

Axios pointed out that experts were expecting to see a rise in cases where states have released their citizens from lockdown, and they believed that the increase would happen instantly. However, the numbers simply haven't delivered to support their analysis, and in fact, numbers are actually decreasing.

The COVID-19 diagnosis map from Axios highlights that the majority of states are now over the "curve" and past the "peak" in new cases of the novel coronavirus. Also, many states are also seeing decreases, seeing declines by up to 30%, and that drop has only been over the past two weeks.

For Wednesday, experts predicted that the news cycle would be full of COVID-19 spikes because of states like Florida, Georgia and Texas almost completely opening up last Friday. For Florida, they would open most of their beaches, as well as public areas, while in Georgia and Texas, a lot of person-to-person services can reopen and restaurants have seated dining once again, rather than just having takeout or delivery. Despite all of that, coronavirus cases have dropped.

“Florida’s new cases have actually declined by 14% compared to the previous week, and Georgia’s fell by 12%,” reported Axios.

On Wednesday, Texas would also see declining numbers, reported journalist Nicole Russell.