English Premier League 'given green light to return on June 12'

Reportedly, the English Premier League has been "given the green light to return on June 12."

On Sunday, United Kingdom prime minister Boris Johnson addressed the general public, and he revealed a plan that would take the European nation out of the current lockdown that is implemented, and the plan is to do so over the next few months.

The prime minister will also be active on Monday to reveal more information about a post-COVID 19 England, and will be doing so in Parliament. The next day on Tuesday, the government plans to release a paper on elite sports and its reopening, according to The Telegraph.

The paper is expected to "give the green light" to professional sports to make their return in June, and this includes the English Premier League having an exact date of June 12, though they will be subject to safety rules and coronavirus cases cannot be increasing.

Even with the good news for the league, however, eight clubs from the EPL are expected to go against the idea of neutral venues and that could see 'Project Restart' back in discussions on Monday.

One of the concerns for a few of the clubs is relegation, and how they would prefer not to play crucial fixtures away from home, with or without fans, because of it effecting their status in the league.

According to original reports, the amount of clubs who were against the proposal was at six, but that has risen to eight clubs now, which is expected to make a significant impact.

All 20 clubs in the English Premier League will resume discussions for 'Project Restart' on Monday.

In order for the current proposal to pass, 70% of the EPL needs to side with it, which would be a total of 14 clubs. With this being the case, there is growing worries that the threshold will not be met, and if it doesn't, the June 12 relaunch date will be pushed back.

As far as the relegation factor, the idea of getting rid of it for this season has been rejected, and strongly, by both the English Premier League and English Football League (EFL).