Criticizing lockdown protesters and testing positive, George Stephanopoulos caught out in public

(Photo: School of Media & Public Affairs)

According to TMZ, George Stephanopoulos was out for a stroll in East Hampton, New York, and what makes this a big deal is that he was reportedly diagnosed with COVID-19 just a week ago ... this isn't just good news for the ABC anchor and his health, but also a sign of hypocrisy.

On Monday, the star of 'GMA' was out doing his thing in the Long Island neighborhood. The reportedly COVID-19 victim was full of life in shorts and a windbreaker, and seemed to be chatting it up on his phone. He would also have a face mask with him, but it would be around his neck, not covering either his mouth or nose.

As previously reported, Stephanopoulos would make the announcement on 'GMA' last week that he had tested positive for the coronavirus, and he said this would happen a few weeks after his wife, Ali Wentworth, would come down with the virus. He's also criticized anti-lockdown protesters and wants Facebook to have a crackdown on the organizing of them.

Looking at the TMZ photos, you have to assume that no one was near Stephanopoulos, and this is because of him not wearing his mask in order to protect others. Not just that, but he's also still listed in the 14-day status where he could easily spread the virus to someone else.

Reportedly, one of Stephanopoulos' neighbors isn't happy with him at all for his walk in the Hamptons.

According to the New York Post, the neighbor would post on Facebook that he was angry after allegedly seeing Stephanopoulos at a drug store, as well as walking his dog on a golf course. He has since deleted that post.

However, there is photo evidence that Stephanopoulos was out and about.

Hypocrite, much?