CDC cuts COVID-19 deaths in U.S. nearly in half from 68,581 to 37,308, compares to seasonal flu

When you examine the news cycle, you see that the media is reporting COVID-19 deaths in the United States at over 67,000, however, official data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website show nearly half of that number.

According to, the coronavirus is listed to have taken the lives of 68,581 Americans, and most of the press has been reporting similar numbers at around 66,000 for the past week.

According to the official CDC website on the other hand, those numbers are inaccurate, with their official tally being set at 37,308 deaths in the United States from the virus.

The CDC notes that the 37,308 figure also includes presumed COVID-19 deaths, as well as confirmed, so that number could actually be lower as well.

Also according to the CDC's science and data, the peak of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States has already passed, with it being last month in the week of April 11. So according to CDC data, the peak had already passed nearly three weeks ago. Even with this being the case, however, some states and cities have continued or extended the stay-at-home orders that they currently have implemented, despite those officials saying they're going by the "science and data."

Another interesting piece of the CDC's data is that coronavirus deaths have been on a steady decline since April 25, and it also pointed out that 93% of deaths from the virus in the U.S. have been people over the age of 55.

That's not all either. On the official Facebook of the CDC, they would compare COVID-19 to the seasonal flu:

In regards to WorldInfo, John Cardillo, a journalist from Newsmax, would note that their data is probably a "scam," and this because of padding the coronavirus death numbers by adding other causes of death into the mix.

“I’m well aware of the CDC ‘lag times’ but this isn’t that, so stop with that excuse for these numbers. They’ve separated out other illnesses that were the actual causes of deaths and now the mortality rate is half of what it was last week. It’s been nothing but a scam,” Cardillo tweeted.

At first, the public was told not to compare COVID-19 to the seasonal flu, but with all of the recent science and data coming out, it appears that you can.