'2020' BOOK EXCERPT: Andrew Powell vs. Everybody

In my previous chapter about the Lock Haven, Pennsylvania chapter of Black Lives Matter, I asked why are there literally no actual black people involved? I have another question for them as well: Why are there so many people in this chapter who have a hard time kneeling correctly? (PHOTO: Laura Jameson/The Express)

This is an excerpt from Andrew Powell's first book '2020: A Year So Wild I Had To Write a Book About It' which is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2021


Originally, we were supposed to leave on July 5th to head back to New Zealand, so we managed to stay in the United States until July 4th and were able to celebrate America's birthday.

Also originally planned on the 4th of July was a Black Lives Matter protest.

Let's start with some fireworks before the fireworks, shall we?

With Crystal being a Kiwi, she never experienced our 4th of July holiday before, and for years, she always wanted to be in the United States for that particular holiday.

Well, she finally got her opportunity, and did it in style.

One of the main reasons why she was so excited was because of how we do fireworks, and since it was her very first 4th of July, I decided to go out and buy around $600 worth of top-notch fireworks – we made sure we got the loud explosive ones that go "boom.”

The money spent was certainly well worth it. Not only were the fireworks loud and explosive, but we also got a massive-sized quantity for our buck. In fact, we got so many fireworks that we couldn't even finish all of them before getting worn-out. We had literally been shooting them off all night, running back and forth between setting them up and getting away, and eventually got tired out – there were plenty of "booms" left over.

It was a pretty fun night, and Crystal's first 4th of July was a success! It was sad that we were leaving the country the next day, but overall, Independence Day 2020 was a grade-A success!

We did have one minor problem with a grumpy neighbor who was complaining about us shooting off fireworks at 10:00 PM. Never mind about it being a Saturday night as well, but I simply responded with, "Lighten up, man. It's the 4th of July."

To his credit, he kept his mouth shut, went into his house and minded his own business for the rest of the night. However, it was a bit disappointing that someone would complain about fireworks on America's birthday, especially when that someone had a Trump/Pence 2020 sign in his front yard.

Are you patriotic or not?

Speaking of not being patriotic, the Lock Haven chapter of Black Lives Matter also had something planned for the 4th of July, and that happened to be another protest.

I mentioned earlier that a few weeks prior in the last BLM protest, there was the right-wing opposition created by us, but that wasn't all, there was also other opposition coming from hard-working Lock Haven citizens.

Well, the July 4th protest that was planned by Black Lives Matter was actually cancelled because of this opposition – their leader even admitted this in a video call with the mayor of Lock Haven. In other words, they got bitched down and decided to pass on their event as a result.

It was honestly a small moment of glory for me. Not much, because at the end of the day, these guys are completely ineffective, but it was just a tad because I was reveling in these spoiled white college indoctrinated kids' disappointment.

They had an opportunity to make a political statement on the 4th of July, and failed.

I used the content for a Facebook post and then moved on, we had a flight to catch the next morning and celebrated July 4th with massive fireworks that night. They were easily forgotten, and quickly.

Due to my opposition and other pressure from the area's political Right, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania's chapter of Black Lives Matter cancelled their 4th of July protest. It was one battle out of many that I won against this bunch. (PHOTO: Facebook Screenshot)

As you found out in the 'Going Back To Cali' chapter, we would end up losing our passports in Los Angeles and were forced to stay in the United States for another month because of all of the circumstances.

About a week or two back into Pennsylvania, the local chapter of BLM decided to throw their hat back into the ring and had another protest. They actually had two events overall on that particular weekend: 1. The first one was on Friday where it was an actual protest that they had planned right in downtown Lock Haven. 2. Their next event was on a Sunday, where they were having a "community cleanup" picking up trash across the community that was never actually there. In other words, it was just an opportunity for good press.

The Lock Haven, Pennsylvania chapter of Black Lives Matter's amateur flyer promoting Friday's protest. (PHOTO: Lock Haven Black Lives Matter)

After the embarrassment of getting absolutely steamrolled by Lock Haven's political Right in the first protest that I attended and backing down from their original 4th of July plans, I personally found it laughable. It was a joke at this point, you couldn't take them seriously anymore – not that you really could to begin with.

So, what's a right-winger to do when you've already won?

Troll them, and swim in the press while doing it.

Me and my fiancée launched "Operation Backyard," and we had three main agendas with this "operation": 1. To troll the local Black Lives Matter chapter and create confusion, suspense, fear and a level of opposition. 2. To get both media outlets in the area, The Lock Haven Express and The Record, talking about our operation, achieving both press for us (and trolling them in the same breath) and stealing the spotlight from the local BLM leader – who's a media whore. 3. To create absolute chaos in a small-town that isn't really used to it, and the reason for this was to troll and worry the Left, putting them in a frenzy, and add political charge and hope to the Right which had been beaten down before we came into town.

And these were just the three main agendas. There was a ton of different stuff that we had set out to accomplish, and to our credit, we accomplished everything on our list.

While Crystal and I had just got into the United States and the Black Lives Matter riots had first started, the Lock Haven chapter was pretty quick to launch their operation as well, and they had held a protest before we had got into town.

One of the highlights of that first protest was centered around Rick Holter, a 62-year-old conservative from Lock Haven, who was originally downtown to get something to eat and enjoy a Friday night with his girlfriend.

However, those plans were ruined when Black Lives Matter showed up.

While Holter and his girlfriend were out getting something to eat, Black Lives Matter was marching down the street and yelling their same old generic chants, right in the middle of all of the restaurants and other businesses with dozens of people outside.

A night of peace had just turned into a night of rude cultural Marxism.

"I didn’t care if it was The Rolling Stones, the menacing noise was ridiculous and I was there for a peaceful dinner with my girlfriend," stated an angry Holter in an exclusive interview with The Powell Times.

Holter would then go on Facebook and voice his displeasure towards the Black Lives Matter chapter and their disrupting of the peace, and the post would end up going viral around Lock Haven and the rest of Clinton County.

And when that happened, chaos began...in the form of online bullying.

"They threatened to go after my job, but I had removed it under the advice of a supervisor," Holter said. "A person I work with, however, got involved and was turned into the state [where he works] and he is on probation right now."

Here are the rest of Holter's comments to The Powell Times:

I was called all sorts of racist names, a terrible human being and so on. You know, I felt very uncomfortable sitting there [in downtown Lock Haven] once a crowd of people got riled up, there wasn’t a way of knowing what direction the mood could have gone. A friend did reach out to me and said that most of the people that attacked me were high school and college students. At that point, I was feeling uncomfortable in my home and had all the outside lights on and let's just say I had my 2nd Amendment rights ready to be used. I was in fear. I did try to reason with these people, but they would have none of it. Then one of the football coaches from Lock Haven University, Ed Sprague, got involved calling me racist. He is one of those liberal idiots who thinks he is one of those social warriors that leads kids, but he is a whining liberal. He got in a heated argument with some guy and they got to the point where they were going to meet and fight because of this.

Rick Holter is just one victim around Lock Haven and Clinton County who has been a victim of online bullying, being threatened fiscally and other intimidation tactics of BLM. There's been countless amounts of people in this area that this particular chapter of Black Lives Matter has bullied.

Including myself, but none of it surprised me. After all, I'm in politics, I'm used to this stuff. I knew exactly how they would react. I mean, literally, they reacted exactly how I thought they would when Operation Backyard was going on.

And speaking of Operation Backyard, let's get into the process of how that entire thing went down, because to this day, there are people who ask me what the hell it exactly was. And understandably so, it was something that we launched spontaneously and quickly. It literally went from being non-existent to a full out operation in a matter of hours. It was amazing.

The protest was planned for a Saturday, and it was a Tuesday night when we formulated the idea and plan of "Operation Backyard."

Late Tuesday, I contacted one of my operatives to create a logo for Operation Backyard, and to make it have a stereotypical tough conservative look. I think that was accomplished, and to my operative's credit, he was quick and efficient about it.

My operative was quick and efficient in making a logo for our "counter-protest" that was only a few days away from the original moment we launched "Operation Backyard." (PHOTO: The Powell Times)

Step one complete.

Up next, it was time to get out the logo and we had a press release attached to it with our mission statement, all of it which was rolled out on all of our social media, both of the media outlets in the area of The Lock Haven Express and The Record, and we also contacted a Facebook group called Clinton County Watchdog to use as a tool as well.

There were multiple reasons for this: 1. Obviously to give exposure to our "operation." 2. To create some kind of opposition against the local Black Lives Matter chapter. 3. To worry and confuse the local BLM chapter. 4. To obtain press and troll them in a news cycle. 5. To create outright chaos in Lock Haven and Clinton County, particularly aimed at the area’s political Left.

Each of those missions would end up being successful, and easily.

Let's start with what we sent to the media, published on Clinton County Watchdog, and posted on social media.

This is how we introduced ourselves to the press:

Hello, My name is Andrew Powell and I am the leader of Operation Backyard, the counter-protest planned for Friday, July 17 against the BLM protest scheduled between 5:00-7:00 PM in downtown Lock Haven. We will also be joined by the Bald Eagle-Allegheny Front III% militia. I'm contacting you for this counter-protest to be publicized in your outlet, and this because of attention being given to the other side in Destiny Urena and the Lock Haven chapter of BLM. I think it is fair that citizens of this great area get to have both views from both sides of this issue. I will personally be happy to give you more information regarding Operation Backyard, our mission, as well as quotes in any fashion including in person, over the phone or through email. Attached to the email is a couple of images of the logo for this operation.

Also, here was the announcement that was originally published on Clinton County Watchdog, as well as sent to the press via attachment to our introduction.

OPERATION BACKYARD: The Democratic Party's cultural Marxism already has control of the country's major metropolitans, and now they're coming after Small Town America here in our very own backyard of Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. After shutting down the local BLM protest on July 4th, the Lock Haven chapter is back in action on Friday, July 17 from 5:00-7:00 PM, and they will be located on the corner of Main Street and Jay Street. The last time out, our right-wing opposition was effective, and as previously mentioned, we were successful in getting BLM to shut down their protest that was scheduled on America's birthday. This Friday, we're hoping to do the same thing, and we once again need your help! A small team is already building, and we're hoping to have as many Republicans, Libertarians, non-party conservatives and libertarians, and just regular defenders of the greatest country in the world and our way of life. Let's face it: Democrats, Marxists and the Left want to completely transform the United States of America, and we just cannot let that happen. Which is why we need to mobilize. Our counter-protest will feature megaphones, signs and patriots ready to peacefully combat the Marxism that is trying to infiltrate our home. If you're interested in mobilizing and being a part of Operation Backyard, just send me over a message and we can get to planning and organizing as a group. Feel free to bring American and Trump flags, your own signs, megaphones, cameras, wear gear, etc. Again, our right-wing opposition (with much less mobilization) was able to shut them down before, and we can certainly do it again with our current operation. And it isn't just about cultural Marxism either. The Lock Haven chapter of BLM also has accusations of rape, prostitution, child neglect, fraud and attempted theft surrounding them, and we cannot let people of this character dictate what's going on in Lock Haven. We cannot let these Marxists control the way we live. And we cannot let them become stars and have power in our community. We are the silent majority, but the time is now that the silent majority speaks. For BLM, this isn't about justice, it's about destroying America. For more information and to continue the process of getting our side press, feel free to contact me through this email address of andrewpowellwriting@gmail.com. Thank you and have a wonderful day, Andrew Powell Operation Backyard

The Lock Haven Express would immediately take the bait and came to me for extra quotes. (Because, of course, and if you're familiar with their newspaper, you understand what I mean.)

As far as The Record is concerned, they never got back to me, quickly seeing through my trolling, rejecting me and my “operation” from getting press. (Sike)

Those morons eventually ended up contacting me too.

Let's start with The Express.

Their managing editor Lana Muthler emailed me over a list of questions to answer for quotes for their story, which ultimately ended up being a waste of time, because they only used a few select quotes. It was horrible journalism.

Here is what I sent back to Muthler:

Hello Lana, Yes, those words are mine, and I have no problem with you guys attributing them to me. As far as the group, it isn't an actual organization or anything of that matter, it's just a single-event operation. Depending on the success, we may extend on Operation Backyard. You never know what we're going to do next. Operation Backyard is a grassroots counter-protest with patriots from across the community coming together to protect small town America from being infiltrated by the Marxist movement, Black Lives Matter, who hide themselves under the flag of social justice. As far as how many patriots will be involved, that is an ongoing process, as the numbers continue to grow by the hour. And we won't have any silly, generic chants either that you can expect from BLM, instead, we'll have a few different messages that we'll be getting across. Which brings me back to the Marxism that BLM is trying to implement. A lot of people think that this group is about helping unarmed African American men from getting shot by white police officers (which is statistically, incorrect) but when you look at their actual demands, it screams outright Marxism. Reparations, no bail, release all prostitutes from jail, like what does that even have to do with black lives? That's not all though. BLM also wants no death penalty, free education, free healthcare, they want to defund the police, cut the military budget, redistribute the wealth, it sounds like a communist political party rather than a social justice group. And then you have the riots, lootings and violence going on around the country, and in particular with this local BLM chapter here in Lock Haven, you have accusations from all across the county coming at them in the form of rape, prostitution, child neglect, fraud and attempted theft. And these people want to have power in our community? We cannot allow that to happen. I'd rather not say where we're mobilizing, but we will eventually meet up with BLM on the corner of Main Street and Jay Street. Just a final word about BLM: Not only are they self-admitted Marxists and a domestic terrorist organization, but they're also massive hypocrites, which enlightens you to their Marxism even more, because they ignore whatever doesn't fit their agenda. A talking point among this group is about slavery that once existed in the United States, but they fail to mention anything about blacks in Africa who are still enslaved today by other Africans. Do those black lives not matter? They also ignore the fact that in the U.S, right now, there are millions of men, women and children currently enslaved by human traffickers, with the largest group being Hispanics, a minority group. Do those lives not matter? They fail to bring up anything whatsoever about black-on-black violence, does the one-year-old black child who was shot and killed in a stroller during one incident in New York City not matter? They fail to bring up that black officers are more likely to shoot a black than a white officer, do statistics and facts not matter? Not with this group, they're not fact-based at all. It has nothing to do with social justice, it has everything to do with destroying America and using black people to fit a Marxist agenda. If they truly cared about black lives, they would care about everything that I just mentioned. ...I just wonder how many in the Lock Haven chapter are getting paid by George Soros. (You can use this quote at the end to bow the story up like a tie.)

The Record would end up contacting us later for questions, and we would send them the same thing, but unlike The Express, The Record ended up passing on a story this go-around.

You'll hear from them here in a bit, especially their head honcho John Lipez. Once you get to know him, you'll understand better why he ignored me.

Now back to The Express and their horrible journalism.

Muthler contacted me a little while after I sent her the answers to her questions and told me that the story would be in the next day's version of the newspaper.

I let Clinton County Watchdog and their leadership in Michael Remick know about the upcoming article, which they helped me promote. I also advertised it on social media, getting as much conservation and mobilization going as possible.

Everything was set and ready to go, and we were ready to set a political shockwave into Lock Haven. This was going to be good.

And then we got to the next morning, and The Express showed even more on a drastic level of why everybody in central Pennsylvania laughs at them and just labels them as a joke.

The headline that they had formulated was supposed to read: 'Operation Backyard' plans counter-protest against BLM.

Instead, it read: 'Operation Blackyard' plans counter-protest against BLM.

Now remember, this was right in the middle of July, and right in the middle of all of these Black Lives Matter protests and riots, right in the middle of a boiling point when it comes to racial tension in this country – at least the way they and the rest of the mainstream media perceived it. This is the perfect representation of The Lock Haven Express.

I used to work for these people as a sports editor and writer, and I was able to get an inside look on how left-leaning and biased this newspaper was.

One story that always sticks out to me from my time working there was back in 2018 when Stephanie Borowicz (R) and Mike Hanna Jr. (D) were having a heated campaign for Pennsylvania's 76th District seat as a state representative. Before we got to the election, The Express publisher Bob Rolley and Muthler tried to stage a debate between the two that would obviously be hosted by the newspaper.

However, that didn't happen, and why?

Because both Borowicz and the Clinton County Republican Party think the paper is biased, which they are. Why would they want to help The Express set them up?

That's exactly what would have happened.

After Borowicz and the Republicans refused their offer for a debate, I remember Rolley walking away from his news editor back to his office and complaining the whole time about the local GOP, referring to them as "idiots" and "morons," and of course would feed into the whole narrative about people on the political Right being racists, sexists, homophobes and blah, blah, blah.

But The Express isn't biased, right?

I even remember him grilling me in his office about this, which was another funny story.

When I was working at The Express, there was this news editor named Doug Bauman, who happened to be a homosexual – not that I care or anything, I couldn't care less. But the reason that I bring that up is because that's how this story starts out.

Now I may not agree with homosexuality or anything involved with the LGBTQ community (and this is strictly due to my Christianity), but as far as homosexuals themselves as people, I'm actually a fan of a good number of them.

Roy Kohn (now deceased), Peter Thiel, Milo Yiannopoulos, Dave Rubin, I love all of these people, and couldn't give a damn whether or not they're homosexual.

GOProud (which no longer exists), Log Cabin Republicans, Gays for Trump, these are pro-LGBTQ organizations that I'm a fan of, which all three happen to be linked to the Republican Party – an obvious F.Y.I. for the lefties out there.

The point is: I'm not a homophobe like some of my leftist counterparts, including the left-wing fake news media, have tried to portray me as. As far as those allegations are concerned, they're completely and utterly false, and just outright ridiculousness.

But we all know the game plan from The Left: If you're on the political Right or a Christian, you're automatically a homophobic bigot, never mind all of the gay conservatives that are registered Republicans and also Christians themselves, we're all just a bunch of homophobes.

My only disagreement with homosexuality has to do with my orders from God, the fact that the Lord states that it’s an abomination to Him. Other than that though, I couldn't care less whether someone is gay or not. Hell, I used to work with gay right-wingers, and as you saw earlier from my time at The Express, I also used to work with gay left-wingers.

Now that we have that clear, let's move on to transgenderism and all of this other stuff that's featured in the LGBTQ+ phenomenon, and this is where our story will begin.

When it comes to transgenderism, I don't "hate" anybody in that community, however, I will admit that I don't understand it nor do I really want to. Because what this has led to is just outrageousness to the point of where we have people who are now part-reptile or making love to a car exhaust or getting married to an imaginary unicorn that shits out roses.

It's just corny to me, and is certainly a form of cultural Marxism. I'm fine with homosexuality, but after that, it just starts to get outright weird. And that's not bigotry, that's a fact. And there's a ton of people here in the United States and all across the globe that agree with me about this.

It doesn't matter what the Left says, we human beings are just not wired this way, and this is exactly why the suicide rate in the transgender community is sky-high. The Democratic Party wants us to believe that they're the party of science, but in all reality, the only "science" that they push is not even science at all – it's just some nonsensical propaganda like climate change or having 376 different sexes just to push whatever evil agenda they have.

The Democratic Party is truly the party of Satanism ... "I suppose it’s “just a coincidence” that the #DemConvention logo turned sideways has the EXACT same design and measurements as another familiar logo. Satanism is alive and well." - Pastor Greg Locke on Twitter, @pastorlocke (PHOTO: Pastor Greg Locke's Twitter)

While working at The Express, these are just a few thoughts that I happened to share about transgenderism on my Facebook profile.

Remember Doug Bauman that I brought up earlier?

Well originally, me and Doug had hit it off, we developed a friendship, but here was the problem: Not only was he a homosexual, he was and I'm sure still is a radical Leftist. The type that believes in the 692 different genders and that a bi-camel can go out and date a water hose. Yeah, that kind.

Being colleagues at The Express and developing a friendship, Doug added me on Facebook, and as a result, was able to see my past, present and future posts.

Yeah, that didn't go so well.

With Doug being a radical left-wing homosexual, our friendship completely went to shit, any kind of bridge that was there was blatantly ashed to the ground. And he went all out to prove that too.

Not only did he delete me off of Facebook (which is some high school shit to begin with), not only did he end any kind of small friendship that we had developed, but he actually went to our boss – a move that has actually become quite common among Leftists – and complained about my thoughts regarding transgenderism.

Yes, the man actually took my thoughts about transgenderism from my Facebook and gave it to our boss in an attempt to get me fired. And that boss was of course the publisher that I mentioned earlier in Bob Rolley.

It was funny, because not only would Rolley bring me into the office, but he would also bring my sports writer into the room as well – who happened to be black. And there was an agenda there from the start.

Not only would Bob bring up my thoughts about transgenderism on my Facebook, but he also brought up my posts that "could be looked at as racist."

See, he thought I was going to bitch down because Shareik Flowers, the black writer that I just mentioned, was in the meeting with us. But no, that didn't happen at all.

Rolley was referring to my posts about Black Lives Matter, and there was nothing racist about them. Literally all I've been doing with my BLM rhetoric over the years is talking about the statistics regarding the black community and debunking the narrative that blacks are "oppressed," and what I've been doing more as of late, putting a spotlight on their self-admitted Marxism.

But never mind all of my fact-based information that backed up my rhetoric, it was just "racist" to someone like Bob.

And this guy is supposed to be a “journalist”...

To Shareik's credit, he didn't think it was racist at all. You know, the black guy. Yeah, him. He didn't think it was racist whatsoever.

But the old white guy says it's racist, so we should listen.

Bob Rolley is a funny one, and this will help you understand The Express better.

He claims to be a Republican, a registered Republican, but here's the thing: He voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and certainly isn't the biggest fan of President Donald J. Trump. Also, every single day that I would go into the office, and I worked there five days a week, he would have strongly left-wing CNN on the office television.

This doesn't sound like someone who is a Republican, and that's because he isn't. He's a pure RINO (Republican In Name Only), and it shows extraordinarily through his publication. My whole time at The Express, it was nothing but complaints about how biased they were. And nothing has changed, the same one-sided nonsense is going on today from them.

It's not just their publisher Bob Rolley either, it's their other half of leadership as well with their managing editor Lana Muthler.

Now during my time working at The Express, I didn't have too many problems with Muthler. She was a little two-faced, but for the most part, she didn't give me too many headaches. That was Bob's job. However, this past summer, that's when my problems with Lana started.

It all started with the whole Operation Blackyard nonsense and the entire process that happened with that in the whirlwind of the press, and then my distaste for her really sunk in even more when I found out that she donated to the Joe Waltz campaign – who ran against Rep. Stephanie Borowicz for Pennsylvania State Representative representing the Commonwealth's 76th District in November.

Now granted, she only donated $50 to Waltz, this according to Transparency USA, but that's not really the point.

When you're supposed to be practicing professional journalism, you don't go around donating to campaigns, disrespecting the opposition to that campaign and then turning around to complain about the opposition not doing debates with you.

It just made me lose a lot of respect for Lana Muthler as a journalist, she certainly lost a lot of cool points. If you're going to support a Democrat, be open about it. Hell, I am as an advocate journalist that swings to the Right. The problem here, however, is that Lana portrays herself as an independent, as well as the entire newspaper including Bob Rolley.

Don't let them fool you though: They're massively to the political Left.

Most people in The Express's reading area get that for the most part, which is why their sales and online ratings are drastically low.

And if you're not from this reading area, then I'm sure my stories now help you understand The Express a little bit better, and the kind of newspaper they are: Just like every other left-wing rag out there.

Now back to the story of Operation Blackyard – I still can't get over that name. And honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if The Express did that on purpose to make me look like a blatant racist. But that's just how the press is, they're disgusting people.

Something comical: In an opinion piece from the other shit outlet in town, The Record, the owner John Lipez wrote about me in the entire thing. Rather than an opinion piece, it should be classified more as a hit piece. I bathed in the glory of it all, it was great.

In that piece, Lipez ended it with:

It turned out to be a bit of gamesmanship on Powell’s part. He cried wolf, but few from his side responded. There was no wolf, just a local man making a futile effort to create a “stir.” Didn’t happen.

Believe me, believe me. I'm going to break down Lipez's hit piece in its entirety. But let's start out with that last part:

....just a local man making a futile effort to create a 'stir.'

I don't know what that clown Lipez was covering, but there was certainly a "stir" created, and even The Express validated that – just another example of horrible journalism in this area.

And that's where our story will continue: The stir.

When The Express published their article with the Operation Blackyard headline, it would create absolute chaos.

The article was published on a Thursday and the Black Lives Matter protest was scheduled for the next day on Friday, and things got started as soon as we woke up on Thursday morning.

These were different comments that were featured on The Express' "Operation Blackyard" article:

The fact that this is political, doesn’t make it worthy. When Andrew [Powell] stated party names and the comment about Soros, he shows a political stance. If he truly wants to make a difference to benefit society, those comments wouldn’t be the mainstay of his cause. I support neither of them! I support people, not politics.
What a joke! These people should all be ashamed of themselves!!! Especially the Klan leader. Please leave your hood and robe at home!! #BLM
I can almost hear the banjos, now... Way to bring some class back to town
Silent majority? Operation Backyard: cosplaytriots hiding their bigotry under the flag of patriotism. Come on, [Andrew] Powell. You say you wanna protect small town America while simultaneously publicly facebooking about using the same small town for a social experiment? So... Who hurt you? There are better ways to deal with your pain and anger than this pathetic display of small-minded bigotry.
Sooo, in other words, racists.
‘Gear’? What does wearing gear mean exactly? Guns? Any euse to get the AKs out and wave them around... Also, I *wish* I was getting paid by Soros
Oh nice... a racist party... will they bring their hoods?
what dumbass thought of this one, just leave it alone, sounds more like a racist redneck rally
It’s absolutely ridiculous that the Express had this on the front page. Enticing violence, that what they are.
The Express is a complete joke and I don't know who the hell does the reporting but good Lord they are horrible.
There sure is a lot of talk about peoples rights these days. It seems that people only want their own rights though and don’t care about protecting others. So I suppose it’s fine for a counter protest to take place .... HOWEVER when the counter protesters are talking about shutting them down and taking back “their streets” that’s where I disagree. Especially when they are urging those that join them to wear gear, bring ammo, and bring dogs. Now you are threatening the safety of everyone involved and those that are just bystanders. So they want to exercise their 1st amendment rights to take away those same rights from someone else. This is madness.
Thank you Andrew Powell. These protesters need to be shut down. I am sick of the state getting [COVID-19] restrictions and it’s bs this continues while people are struggling.
Thank you, Andrew Powell, for the counter-protest. Hope the BLM loons do not accost you and others.
So without a permit both are in violation of city ordinance 279-1 to 279-4 loitering on public sidewalks and noise ordinance 287-3(a) the city's own code.continous yelling and shouting as to disturb the peace of others in the city hence disturbing the events friday night
Not a fan of the protesting, period! Got a little out of hand last time. The fact that Andrew Powell just made this political, doesn’t help. Fighting for human rights issues is a societal issue, not political. Working with each other, benefits society! Not a party.
[Response to above comment]: Nothing political about this that I can see. I think it is an example of Andrew Powell "fighting for human rights issues."
I think not having a counter-protest sends the message that people just don't care about having their town and country destroyed by the BLM movement. GOOD LUCK "OPERATION BACKYARD." I'm behind you.
So again mayor Joel long is going to allow these children to ruin our friday and saturday outdoor downtown experience. The children have had their say, now stop allowing it since they disrespect the actual town residents calling them "townies" and to investigate the Destiny story that surfaced
BLM already had their say in lockhaven. Time for the silent majority to rise up. Keep lockhaven free from crime
Putting this OPINION piece on the front page as if it were factual, without a disclaimer is irresponsible at best. Keep opinion pieces with the letters to the editor where they belong. Not on the front page as if it were actual facts. The Express is operating like the National Inquirer.
“SOCIAL EXPERIMENT: How To Get The Entire Left In A Frenzy In Small Town America. Column Coming Soon.” From Andrew Powell's FB page. He's just being a dick.

But there wasn't a stir, right?


As you see, it was your typical stuff that you hear from the Left about American patriots being "racist" and "bigots" and whatever the hell else unoriginal terms they come up with. None of these people know me, I'm not from this area and have very little connections, I'm quite unknown, and never mind that they have zero evidence, none of that matters, I'm automatically a racist because of my political views.


It's just a Karl Marx, Saul Alinsky and Democratic Party tactic: Accuse your enemy of what you are doing, as you are doing it to create confusion.

We all know that the Left are the real racists and bigots.

But that's not even scratching the surface of "the stir." There were hundreds of comments all over social media from people around the area talking about our operation, so much, that The Express even contacted the police about the "BLM vs. Klan" showdown:

City police are aware of a counter protest to the local Black Lives Matter movement that is planned for downtown this evening. Police Chief Kristin Smith said she wasn’t fully aware of details of the planned protest so she could not comment on it. The BLM event does not require a permit, she confirmed, because of its location at Main and Jay streets — the same intersection as the planned counter protest. Chief Smith said she is “monitoring the situation” and preparing accordingly. Both city police and the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department will be present in the area of the protests this evening, she also confirmed.

But there wasn't a stir, right?

What was fascinating about that particular article (if you read it in its entirety) was how one-sided it was, which obviously wasn't surprising for me because I know how biased The Express is, but it always amazes me how drastically left-wing the media is.

If you want to be on the Left, fine. I'm a journalist who is open about my political affiliation on the Right, but that's the thing, I'm open about it. We have a problem today in modern journalism where our media outlets are extraordinarily biased towards the Left, but they swear up and down that they're independent journalists, centrists, fair, balanced, cut-and-dry journalists with no political agenda.

They're blatant liars.

What I'm referring to is the fact of how they introduced BLM in that article (and other articles in the past, and you have to include The Record’s coverage in this as well), including their leader Destiny Urena, putting a "spotlight" on how great they are and how great she is. She's such a wonderful mother of three who has done great things for this community and blah, blah, blah, blah.

And then at the very end, it briefly mentions me, Operation Backyard, and then when it peaks your curiosity, the story just ends.

Now on The Express’s articles, it's listed as "FROM STAFF REPORTS," but the joke of a reporter who wrote these stories is a writer named Laura Jameson, who is a complete left-wing hack and third-rate "journalist" with the same experience in the news industry as that of an infant.

I had the unfortunate luxury of working with this one, and if I'm just outright honest, I found her completely annoying and obnoxious – she was loud, talked too much, was terrible at her job with the amount of complaints I heard about her, and of course, she's anti-Trump. So it's not really a shocker that you find left-wing propaganda riddled in all of her pieces.

And with Bob Rolley being a RINO publisher and Lana Muthler being a Democratic managing editor, they obviously let all of that stuff roll.

Throughout social media, mainly Facebook, people from all around the area talked about the upcoming showdown between Black Lives Matter and Operation Backyard literally all Thursday, and the damage was long done from The Express's "Operation Blackyard" embarrassing mishap before they fixed it because it took them hours to do so – it was truly pathetic.

Needless to say, it was pretty chaotic around the Lock Haven area, and the tension was sky-high. What John Lipez said about there not being a stir is complete and utter fake news, which has become a trend from The Record.

Later that night, there was chatter among the local Black Lives Matter chapter and the other Lock Haven leftists about "Operation Backyard" and yours truly, Andrew Powell. They have a private Facebook group called "There is no place for racism," and that's where they were doing their talking.

I know a few people who were in that group at the time, and I started getting screenshots left and right being sent to me of what they were talking about. And I'll use a quote from a friend of mine who was in the group: "Literally 95% of their timeline is full of 'Andrew Powell' and everything related to 'Andrew Powell.'"

These are just a couple of examples from two different members of Lock Haven, Pennsylvania's chapter of Black Lives Matter talking shit and spreading lies in their left-wing operations Facebook group 'There is no place for racism.' There were many falsehoods like this that involved attacks and propaganda all throughout their group that took place all Thursday night and through the weekend. (PHOTOS: Facebook Screenshots)

In other words, the entire Lock Haven chapter of Black Lives Matter (and Clinton County’s political Left) was absolutely infatuated with me. And it was like this for the entire night.

It was great, a lot of them were online doing research on me and trying to figure out who exactly I was, and there was a ton of stuff that they had "figured out" about me: I'm alt-right, I'm a part of the Proud Boys, and then the generic "he's racist" and "bigoted" nonsense surrounding that. And then you had one guy in particular label me as "armed and dangerous," and that everybody should "be careful" at the next day's rally.

It was absolutely hilarious.

See, none of these people knew who the hell I was. I'm not from here, these people had very limited information on me, so they were pulling “intel” out of their ass. They did manage to find work of mine, including my website The Powell Times that was still published online during the hiatus calling it a "right-wing rag."

They would take certain tidbits about me like my work and social media posts, and then built me into this armed and dangerous alt-right monster who happened to be a member of the Proud Boys and was angrily racist and bigoted.

But this is what the Left does, they dehumanize and then demonize, whether they know who you are or not. To them, you're just a right-wing nut, and you need to be exterminated.

Later that night, I would have a few lefties then attack me on my personal Facebook profile, with one even accusing me of pedophilia – there was another Andrew Powell somewhere in the country that was arrested for having sex with a minor, and they tried to label me as that Andrew Powell. I mean, it's not like 'Andrew Powell' is a common name or anything (sarcasm), but that's another tactic that I've seen done from the slanderous Left before.

Hell, they even did it to 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse accusing him of hitting a woman. It wasn't him, just someone who looked like him.

But it just goes back to what the Left does overall to any opposition of theirs: Dehumanize and demonize.

One thing that drove Black Lives Matter crazy was the fact that they couldn't threaten me with my job. Not only was my last employer Streamline Media paying me for my political opinion, but I also had my own political operation going on with The Powell Times. And you also have to include my work with the Republican Party. As far as they’re concerned, I'm completely untouchable, which is why their entire mob was unable to take me, an individual, out and defeat me.

Other people around the area aren't so lucky though, with countless amounts of folks on the political Right throughout Lock Haven and Clinton County being threatened with their jobs by the local BLM crowd. It's quite disgusting.

Any kind of opposition, anybody who goes up against them, they'll use their job to try and take them out. And sadly, a lot of the corporate world has given into the mob of the political Left, which causes many people to remain silent – hence why we call our base here on the Right the "silent majority."

They do their speaking at the voting booth.

The bullying, intimidation and threatening are all tactics of the political Left since their creation, and here in Lock Haven, they're no different being spearheaded by a woman named Destiny Urena.

The leader of Lock Haven, Pennsylvania's chapter of Black Lives Matter, Destiny Urena, is surrounded by allegations of prostitution, child neglect and setting up a woman to be raped. She's also allegedly been involved with bullying opposing views (The People) out of their 1st Amendment right of Freedom of Speech by trying to get them fired from their job if they choose to exercise their Constitutional right. (PHOTO: Laura Jameson/The Express)

Now before I get into this radical, I just want to cover myself here, because she's already threatened to sue anybody who discusses this particular story: These are just allegations, I don't have any evidence to back them up, these accusations came from a Lock Haven-area woman named Lacy Gunsallus.

Do I believe these allegations?


Gunsallus, who says she used to be friends with Urena, claims that Urena set her up to be raped in November 2019 for a total of $200. It's also claimed that Urena set up Gunsallus in the household of Urena in Urena's bedroom. Gunsallus also claims that Urena's kids were downstairs in the residence during the incident.

Gunsallus would make a Facebook post about the alleged raping:

A Clinton County, Pennsylvania woman named Lacy Gunsallus accused Destiny Urena, the leader of Lock Haven, Pennsylvania's chapter of Black Lives Matter, of setting her up to be raped for $200 while Urena's children were downstairs. (PHOTO: Facebook Screenshots)

As you see from the post, Gunsallus also claims that after the incident, Urena would lose her job and her home, and would sign off the rights to her children to her mother.

Again, all of these are just allegations, I personally haven't verified any of this, however, I certainly can believe all of it. And judging by the modern-day political Left, Black Lives Matter as a whole, the leaders of the national organization and leaders of local chapters, I'm pretty sure Destiny Urena fits into their mold as well. It seems to be a pattern that Leftists are just scumbags, I'm positive Urena is no different.

Another reason why I feel this way is because of all of the allegations that have surrounded Lock Haven's BLM. It isn't just rape and child neglect surrounding this chapter of Black Lives Matter, but you also have alleged fraud and attempted theft in the picture as well.

They just seem to be like every other BLM chapter: Scumbags. Low-lifes. Losers.

On Friday morning, there was conversation throughout the area, but not as intense as Thursday, rather it was more anticipation because it was the day of the protest and the counter-protest. People were waiting for 5:00 PM, which was the time everything kicked off.

The night before while the chaos was going on, I was contacted by a police officer in this area named Tykie King, who was just curious about what "Operation Backyard" was and what exactly was going on. After all, it was pretty chaotic in the area that he's enforcing law and order in, he had every right to ask.

When I explained to him the situation, Officer King was more than cool about it.

He knows who I am now obviously, but at the time, this was his first time getting introduced to me. From what he had heard, I was some racist radical right-winger who launched "Operation Backyard" to take out Black Lives Matter. But that's exactly why King asked me.

What introduced me to elected Pennsylvania State Constable (Lock Haven, Pennsylvania's 1st Ward) Officer Tykie King was his interest in Operation Backyard, which eventually led to him assisting us with security for the event against Lock Haven, Pennsylvania's chapter of Black Lives Matter. Nowadays, I remain both an acquaintance and operative for King's political operations. (PHOTO: Pennsylvania State Constable Officer Tykie King)

He didn't ask me because he believed the mob, he asked me because he knew better.

Nowadays, King knows I'm a right-wing advocate journalist and operative for the Republican Party, but at the time, I just told him this was simply a work of journalism – which was partly true and partly the reason why we did this, but it was just one of the reasons. However, with Officer King being the police and not knowing his true intentions, I just kept it strictly to that story.

Officer King, who I still remain acquaintances with today, was – like I said already – more than cool about everything that we had going on of what we had explained to him.

He was great, so great that he even offered to walk with us to the event and made sure that his pistol was on his hip under his shirt just in case we needed it for protection. We loved it, and we of course accepted the protection from a police officer.

Thank you again, Tykie. You're a patriot.

It was my fiancée and I who were the original two of "Operation Backyard," and we did minimal recruiting. We started this on a Tuesday, the event was on Friday, so it was just a few days of putting a spotlight on our “event” via the press (just The Lock Haven Express for the original announcement), on social media and through the Facebook group Clinton County Watchdog.

Altogether, we had 6-10 people interested when we originally announced "Operation Backyard," and we had leverage to build some kind of opposition that extended from there. But I have to admit, the left-wing propaganda in this area is strong, and a lot of people backed down from supporting us because of the simple fact that they were afraid.

It didn't matter to us though, because opposition was never the main goal (getting press and free promotion was, to be quite frank), but I do have to point out how disappointing it was to see the political Right around the Lock Haven area allowing themselves to be manipulated and suppressed – honestly, it showed outright weakness.

There was this leader of a local militia in particular that was a big supporter of ours, and his support carried throughout the entire week. He even said that he would bring the vast majority of his militia with him for our counter-protest against Black Lives Matter.

And then Friday came, with the "Operation Backyard" story being published in the previous day's edition of The Express and all of the chaos had set in through the entirety of Clinton County, and that's when people started backing down. They couldn't handle the backlash.

The militia leader pretty much admitted that he folded because of the left-wing propaganda going around town about me being a "racist" and "right-wing extremist," saying that he was “skeptical” of me and my operation after the fact. It was cowardly, he completely folded to the pressure.

A few others just didn't show up, but I did have three different people tell me that they wouldn't be able to attend our counter-protest out of fear of losing their employment, which I completely understand. I can't label those people as weak, I just label them as victims of Leftist bullying, which is certainly a problem around this area.

We did have one person from our minimal original planning who stuck to their word and came to the counter-protest, who happened to be the coolest conservative old lady who stopped by for a few minutes before she went to go play Bingo. That was pretty cool.

But as you see, it was literally just my fiancée and I who were planning to show up to the protest, everybody else backed out. Of course, we were going to go through with it, we were enjoying the attention, we admit it. We were enjoying the free press. And more importantly, we were enjoying the chaos that we had created and the power that we had obtained.

It was fun.

From Woodward Township, where I reside, we decided to walk to downtown Lock Haven, where we eventually met with Officer King at his home. He didn't back down whatsoever. As a matter of fact, he walked towards the lion's den, rather than ran away from it. Again, the man is a patriot, and is still showing it today.

From Tykie's house, that's when we walked down to the corner of Main Street and Jay Street, the location of where Black Lives Matter was having their protest and where we, Operation Backyard, was supposed to have our counter-protest.

Since we were clearly outnumbered, the plan was just to walk down there and simply maintain the journalism story that we had told Tykie. I mean, we are journalists, so it wasn't necessarily a lie. Since it was us two, along with Officer King, we were just going to go down there and record with our camera, hoping that they would deliver the ammo and content to us.

When we got to the corner of the street, Black Lives Matter was already there, and they were around 25-30 people deep, which was a much lower turnout than their previous protest – which I found out was a trend with all of their protests. They got smaller and smaller with each event.

When we arrived at the Black Lives Matter protest on the corner of Main and Jay Street in downtown Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, this was the bunch that we were dealing with. My biggest takeaway: They actually had a black person with them this time. Stepping up! (PHOTO: The Record)

With "Operation Backyard," it was interesting. We originally thought we were going to have a turnout of two, being Crystal and I, with Tykie being our security. Instead as a pleasant surprise, our mock operation – which we only advertised for a couple of days – actually had a turnout of about 15-20 people.

Yeah, we were outnumbered, but when you consider that BLM had been planning out their protests for months, it's not bad in comparison. It was a pretty decent number.

Before the protest got underway and Black Lives Matter started doing their boring and generic chants, Michael Remick – one of the heads of Clinton County Watchdog, the Facebook group that I worked with to get out the word about "Operation Backyard" – approached me with a President Donald J. Trump hat on and introduced me to himself.

Okay, no foul there.

But then things got weird.

After he introduced himself, he then asked me if I would like to meet and have a conversation with the Black Lives Matter crowd, and then proceeded to say that he was actually friends with a few of them – immediately, I pulled out the red flags.

I had told him that I had no interest in talking or mingling with BLM and I stated my reasons why. And no, it wasn't the Marxism, it was actually the personal attacks from the night before. From accusing me of being a far right-wing radical racist all the way to me being a pedophile, I had zero interest in being cool with those people. They're radical Leftists, nothing more, and my distaste for them was intensified with the false accusations.

But that's the Left, and Michael Remick was nothing more than an enabler.

Remick gave me the weirdest look when I told him why I didn't want to talk to any of Black Lives Matter, said "okay," and then walked across the street to join over with BLM where he was laughing it up and being all friendly with the local Marxists.

It was the strangest interaction, and I immediately wrote Remick off as two-faced and trying to play both sides (I would later find out people from all around the community have the same view), I wasn't having any of that – more on this one later.

The protest officially began when Black Lives Matter started chanting their "no justice, no peace" generic chants, and Crystal and I just decided to stand on the opposite side of the street from them to record all of their actions. Tykie was beside us giving us security, while other right-wingers were surrounding us from multiple different directions.

As far as us filming, they didn't give us much:

  • There was an Antifa member that was with them that was trying to taunt us, but it was a very minor incident.

  • When one of the right-wingers were yelling "get a job," they screamed back "fuck you!"

  • A group of punk-rock Leftists were carrying around rifles and trying to intimidate us, though we weren't, especially considering we were armed ourselves.

And that's about it.

They didn't really give us anything to their credit other than those few things.

With their Antifa member, her name is Rebecca Reitenbach, and the reason that I know that she's a part of Antifa is because it's riddled all over her Facebook page.

She's a fascinating one.

Check out some of her Facebook posts:

Local Antifa member Rebecca Reitenbach doesn't verify if this was the person (center) who shot and killed Breonna Taylor, instead, wants to throw this person into jail whether they're guilty or not. This is the radical mindset of the political Left. (PHOTO: Facebook Screenshot)

Rebecca Reitenbach might be a left-wing radical Antifa Marxist who supports Black Lives Matter, but I do give her this: At least she didn't vote for pedophile rapist Joe Biden. Also, what are Leftists' strange fascination with guillotines? (PHOTO: Facebook Screenshot)

Local communist Rebecca Reitenbach supports the statement of "Fuck this. Burn it down." which is another example of her radical left-wing mindset. (PHOTO: Facebook Screenshot)

So, let's evaluate this creature for a moment:

  • She's a fan of Karl Marx, the father of communism and a man who was forced to flee to England because of 1840's Germany viewing him as a 'political threat' because of his 'Marxism'

  • She's a supporter of the self-admitted Marxist organization Black Lives Matter, who has also admitted that they're into witchcraft and Satanism

  • She's in favor of guillotines, as most leftists weirdly are

  • She doesn't mind accusing anyone of a crime, whether it's the actual person or not, as long as it fits her agenda – which is illegal in itself

  • She wants to burn shit down, specifically police stations

Point, blank, period: She's an outright communist, and from the sounds of it, a domestic terrorist.

I've already told you about the local BLM leader Destiny Urena and the allegations that surround her, I've already told you about the allegations that surround Lock Haven's Black Lives Matter chapter, and now you have this communist Rebecca also in the mix.

This is the character of this local BLM, and it's generally the character of what we've seen from this terrorist group all across the country.

The standoff at the corner of Main and Jay Street only lasted about an hour, and then after that, BLM decided to march down Main Street yelling their generic chants of "Black Lives Matter" and "No Justice, No Peace."

Now I'm being serious when I say this, there's no bias as all, this is my straight up outlook: The protest that BLM delivered on that Friday afternoon was so extraordinarily boring. It was the same generic chants over and over again, they didn't do anything but stand there and sound like robots, and it really showed you how weak Black Lives Matter is when you get this close to them – at least with the Lock Haven chapter. They're incredibly weak.

The day wasn't completely lost, however, in terms of entertainment value.

Out of the 15-20 people that we managed to recruit, there were a few who were yelling at BLM, such as "get a job" or calling them "losers." Our side was certainly more entertaining, and with some of the things our people were saying, it even had a lot of the bystanders cracking up.

That's another thing with this local Black Lives Matter chapter that I noticed, they take themselves incredibly too seriously. It's constant radical left-wing rhetoric mixed with consistent online bullying towards people who oppose them, and with them being weak, it gets dramatically ratcheted down in-person, which then in turn transitions into boredom for the people watching them.

If it wasn't for the political Right in this area, this BLM would have no entertainment attached to themselves at all – they would have just been flat-out boring. It's quite sad.

After Black Lives Matter marched off, my fiancée and I decided to call it a day, because we certainly weren't going to follow them and I mean this when I say it: We were bored.

So after BLM marched off, we then decided to walk up to the liquor store in town, get a bottle and enjoy the rest of our Friday evening. That's how serious we took this local chapter of BLM, and honestly, we achieved everything we wanted to, plus more. It was time for a little celebration, but mainly, it was just so we could party on a Friday.

We didn't take Black Lives Matter, nor this situation, serious at all.

Later that night, I ended up having another encounter with Michael Remick, the head of Clinton County Watchdog, this time online through Facebook Messenger.

Earlier before Remick and I talked, I mentioned to my fiancée that I felt like Remick was not only a weak Republican, but a RINO (Republican In Name Only), as well as being two-faced, playing both sides and being a simple-minded opportunist (something that I briefed you on earlier in the chapter) – this because of how he acted at the Black Lives Matter protest.

Straight up, I felt like he was a coward.

So my plan was to infiltrate Clinton County Watchdog, and not to sabotage it or anything, but to make the leadership strong. Because I admit, for an area of Lock Haven and Clinton County, Clinton County Watchdog has the potential to be something great in this area. It's already been effective, but I just felt like it could have been elevated.

They have another leader and her name is Michele Whitney. As far as her leadership is concerned, I feel like she's strong and represents that group well. She even ran for political office before, trying to get elected Clinton County Commissioner in 2019. She unfortunately wouldn't grab the seat, but if you ask me, she should have.

With Michael Remick, I was fine with him up until the point he showed his ass during the protest, then I felt like I needed to infiltrate his group in order to change the leadership and make it strong. My main goal would have been to achieve as much power as possible in Whitney's direction, letting her influence rule over Remick, which would put me in the decision curve because of me and Whitney lining up ideologically.

Unfortunately for my agenda, however, that group was worse off than I thought. Not only was Remick and his RINO ideology leading Clinton County Watchdog, but Leftists from across the county had already infiltrated it. In other words, it was too late for me. And that showed quickly after the conversation I had with Remick.

I contacted Remick on Facebook Messenger and was completely respectful to him, requesting that I become an administrator of the page.

This obviously came after the mark I made throughout Clinton County representing the area's political Right, nobody can deny that the area's conservative base had supported me on "Operation Backyard."

And not just that, but I took over the biggest newspaper in the area and their news cycle – and their front page at that. I'm, of course, referring to The Lock Haven Express.

It's not like I didn't have any leverage or anything.

Well, Remick simply told me no, that they weren't looking for any admins at that particular moment, and he was appearing to be nice about his rejection and sending me smiley emojis even. I respond with, “okay, I'll earn my stripes,” which I didn't really plan on doing. I was going to continue with my own work.

That could have been that, but me and Remick's short-term acquaintanceship wasn't over. Not officially. Not yet.

Later on that night, my mother – who happened to be and still is a member of Clinton County Watchdog – had informed me that Remick had posted me about in his Facebook group:

MY OPINION: Andrew Powell and Operation Backyard I posted his invitation to the rally of last night, on our site, and offered my support and encouragement to him. I support anybody that desires to peaceably assemble and to be heard. That is consistent with our Bill of Rights. I attended the rally of last night and introduced myself to Andrew. After the rally and upon returning home, I received a message from Andrew. He requested of me to be an administrator of Clinton County Watchdog. Upon receiving his message I became suspicious. Thus, I thanked him for volunteering and politely declined his request. Now, at no time did Andrew ever state to me that the purpose of he and his partner " was to conduct a social experiment in small town America." Nor, did Andrew ever state to me that he was attempting to relaunch The Powell Times. Powell stated that he just wanted to cause a stir. Andrew, by keeping those motivations to himself, deceived me. I can handle that fine and dandy. People attempt to deceive me all of the time. However, as a site admin., I will not tolerate that deceit as it may lead to mistrust of our readers and members. Whether you support Andrew or do not support him is of no matter to me at all. Deceit is deceit. As a result, Andrew has received what he has earned. He has been removed and banned from Clinton County Watchdog.

And then, as you see, proceeded to close out the announcement by "banning" me forever from Clinton County Watchdog – which is nothing new to me when it comes to my experience with social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Hell, The Lock Haven Express even banned me from their news cycle after they found out they got trolled throughout the "Operation Backyard" drama.

So it was nothing new to me, however, it was fascinating how it happened with Michael Remick and Clinton County Watchdog.

See, Remick is the kind of guy who will act all nice to your face, or in my case, both to your face and online through Facebook Messenger, and he acted like Clinton County Watchdog was going to go on with me as a regular member. I still had plans to infiltrate it despite that lost battle with Remick, but to his credit, he was able to win the war against me before it even started.

I had walked away from my laptop and wasn't using my phone (and hadn't been using either for 10-20 minutes) before my mom told me about Remick's announcement on Clinton County Watchdog. When I went to go check, not only did Remick block me from his Facebook group, but he had also blocked me from his profile so I couldn't get in contact with him anymore.

It was incredibly weak and cowardly, but it made sense why he was such a coward, because this guy ended up having some interesting relations with the local Black Lives Matter.

The next day, I was informed by one of my operatives in the area that Remick had actually partaken in a photo opportunity with BLM. He sent me the pictures, and there they were, Remick cozying up with Destiny Urena and the rest of Black Lives Matter, posted all over Facebook for the area to see.

It's almost like he completely buckled down to the pressure, because not only was Black Lives Matter against us, but so was the press and the rest of Lock Haven and Clinton County's political Left. With all of the hype and craze surrounding "Operation Backyard," I just don't think Remick could handle it, and buckled down and stayed with the mob.

Another reason why I'm pretty sure of that is because of how he was handling his operation after the fact through November's Election Day.

He's been consistently slamming both The Lock Haven Express and The Record for being biased towards the left-wing, and even accused The Record of being fake news after there were accusations of mail-in voter fraud in the area.

When the pressure is off, Remick is ready to act, but when the heat is on, Remick remains with the mob. That was incredibly obvious during "Operation Backyard" when he went against me and sided with Black Lives Matter, the county's political Left, as well as the "left-wing media" that he bashes.

Michael Remick is a coward, and I have no problem saying that. I like a lot of the members in Clinton County Watchdog, but I think that the group has already hit its peak due to his lowly leadership.

I vouch for Michele Whitney to be the head honcho, she would do great things. And I highly recommend her getting back into politics as well, I love the fight and spirit in that woman.

Later on Friday night, The Record ended up contacting me through email falsely claiming that they were looking for me during the protest to give me an interview. That's fake news, because I stood in the same position that I started in after Black Lives Matter marched down the road. Throughout the entire protest, there was no reporter who tried to contact me whatsoever.

There were press members reporting on me, photographers taking photos of me, but nobody actually walked up to me for an interview or quotes. There was none of that.

Both The Express and The Record got shots of me with their camera, they took shots at me in informational warfare, but nobody actually gave me a shot as far as an interview and quotes are concerned. The media are scumbags. (PHOTO: Laura Jameson/The Express)

But what else would you expect from John Lipez and The Record?

They're liars.

However, when the opportunity presents itself to talk to the media, take advantage of it to get press – make it where they can't deny you, make it where you're too juicy to pass up, make it where they have to talk about you. And fully manipulate the news cycle while at it.

That's exactly what I did.

Here was the original email that The Record's John Lipez sent me:

hi andrew.... i was at jay and main tonight covering the event(s) there and wanted to talk to you; i had to leave and when i came back, you were gone. would you like to comment on what went on? had you expected more people from "operation backyard?" what is the group doing next? thanks for any info you can provide....

"You were gone."

We were all gone – "Operation Backyard" and Black Lives Matter as a whole.

That was just a failed attempt to make me look bad.

"Had you expected more people from 'Operation Backyard'?"

15-20 people with just two or three days of promotion – with no real strong ambition of bringing out a turnout – was a pretty decent number for us.

The Record's left-wing propaganda spin machine was certainly spinning there.

"What is the group doing next?"

Which brings me to my email that was sent to The Record, that sent shockwaves throughout Lock Haven and Clinton County after it was published in a weekend edition of The Record and posted on my Facebook page.

And before you read it, remember what Lipez said: There was no stir.

Here is the email I sent to The Record and then the response from Clinton County's angry political Left:

My fiancée and I are investigative journalists and we wanted to conduct a social experiment, specifically, in small town America. To relaunch my outlet, The Powell Times, we thought we would start out with a bang, and that's exactly what we accomplished. It was never about a counter-protest, we just wanted to cause a stir in Lock Haven and put the political left out of whack, which we were successful in doing. The aim was to experience firsthand what happens when you challenge any kind of Marxist social justice group, be it Black Lives Matter or Antifa, for example. We had already been acquainted with the local group at a previous protest of theirs. The day after, vicious online rumors, innuendo and personal attacks began to circulate against me on social media. We were called racist, dangerous, Klansmen, Nazi, Alt-right extremists, had our employment threatened, and were personally attacked in every way. This was where the idea for our social experiment came from. We wanted to expose the blatant bully tactics that members and supporters of BLM engage in against their fellow Americans -- in the name of Marxism. I want to be very clear, our aim has nothing at all to do with race. BLM is a Marxist group, It's very clear they are a political movement and that movement is not conducive to the American way of life. We want to show people how the political left likes to bully citizens out of their rights. Specifically, their First Amendment rights. I spoke to several people privately and they were supportive of my movement, but unable to participate in the prop counter-protest as they were afraid that they would lose their jobs and livelihoods if they publicly opposed BLM. This is what we're trying to expose. Why are Americans afraid to have their say? For fear of retribution? It seems that way. The Lock Haven Express wrote an atrocious article in which they incorrectly named my event as "Operation Blackyard," of course this was only ever going to get one type of reaction. How exactly they manage to call themselves journalists is beyond me. What we experienced from the moment we first announced a "counter-protest" was hate and more vicious rumors. We were prepared for it, because we have a lot of experience dealing with the political left, so nothing surprised us. We have all of our conversations and all actions recorded, filmed and filed away in screenshots. It's interesting what people will talk about publicly when they believe they are above reproach. Also, unsurprisingly, when we got to today's protest, the BLM protestors tried to intimidate us as we filmed them, screaming expletives across the street while holding rifles. No one had spoken to us from that side, yet they screamed through their megaphone that we "hate" them, trying to taunt me by repeatedly saying my name "Andrew" over and over again -- which I got a nice chuckle off of. If they had bothered to talk to us, they would realize that we don't have any problem with people exercising their First Amendment rights. If people want to protest for equality, that's fine, though FBI and DOJ statistics aren't necessarily aligning with their arguments. But if you're going to fight against this inequality that they think exists so much, do it under a different name, because BLM is a Marxist movement and if that is the brand you are protesting under, then you associate yourself with said Marxism. Marxism, as I said before, is not conducive with American freedom. As far as their protest today, we stood there for an hour, and to be quite honest, we got bored, legitimately bored. There was no "backing down" as a source told me The Lock Haven Express falsely claimed in an apparent "hit piece" towards me. But does more lies coming from a failing organization like The Lock Haven Express really surprise anyone, a fake news outlet that Clinton County has complained about for years now, with a publisher who can't lead himself out of a paper bag let alone lead a newspaper. We showed up and an hour later, the BLM protestors walked down the street. What were we supposed to do? Chase them down? That's not how we conduct business as journalists, especially when we already had all of the content that we needed. To be quite frank, The Lock Haven Express is fake news. The protest was boring. It was very, very boring. There's no way around that. They have the same repetitive chants, literally over and over and over again the same chants, offer no solutions. I did, however, have some questions for them before they moved off to disrupt people eating their dinner. What exactly are they trying to achieve here in Lock Haven? Where is the evidence that police in Lock Haven are racist? And most importantly, why does BLM never mention the leading cause of death in the black community? That, of course, being abortion. And oh yeah, black-on-black violence is still a thing, with 97% of black deaths being caused by the hands of another black. Do those "Black Lives Matter"? Those questions go unanswered though, because in all reality, they backed down by leaving the area that they originally marked as their spot. The political right, which by the way a lot of these people came on their own regardless of our prop operation, were the last ones standing on the corner where the protest was originally planned. So when you're going by the facts, what happened and who actually walked off, it was Destiny Urena and BLM who were the ones who "backed down." But I'll put it even better: Simply, BLM and Lock Haven's political left got trolled.

As you see from my response to The Record, I took complete advantage of the opportunity to speak with the press, get some press and press my agenda.

It was a little spin, a little self-promotion, I was bathing in the glory of accomplishing chaos and a pissed off Left. I admit, I'm a bit of a provocateur. And depending who you are, an agent provocateur.

It was another opportunity to not just attack the local Black Lives Matter chapter, but also expose them for simply being scumbags.

Speaking of scumbags, it was also an opportunity to take a few swipes at The Lock Haven Express, including their publisher Bob Rolley who I am obviously not a fan of.

Also, back to the self-promotion factor, I had to mention the fact that BLM was chanting "Andrew, Andrew, Andrew" over and over again. I honestly loved that, and got a few chuckles off of it. As you can tell, I get a kick out of this stuff. I love the fight.

To their credit, there's been a few lefties around Clinton County who have picked up on this, and can tell that I enjoy the "gamesmanship" as one of them told me. As a result, this has actually made some of the people who originally hated me now like me, and understand 'Andrew Powell' better.

I have to give kudos to these open-minded people who love entertaining chaos as much as I do.

The e-mail to The Record was also to expose the fact that the left-wing around the area, as well as the press, got outright trolled. And to be bluntly honest, we were laughing at them – and they couldn't handle that whatsoever. Believe me, we'll get to that here shortly.

The Record published this in a piece of theirs on Saturday, obviously the day after the Black Lives Matter protest and "Operation Backyard" counter-protest, and I guess you could label what he/they did as "fair journalism."

At least they printed my response in its entirety, but I did have a few issues with Lipez's article – starting with how obviously biased it was against me.

Asked for comments on the BLM event and the counter-protest he had announced earlier in the week, Powell provided therecord-online with an extended response, one in which he attacked the 50 to 60 people who participated in the Black Lives Matter demonstration…

50-60 people for BLM was an absolutely ridiculous projection to make. In reality, they had a turnout of half that at around 20-30, and like I mentioned earlier, the numbers got lower and lower for them with each passing protest. But what else would you expect from The Record and their fake news cycle?

...and also his former employer, the Lock Haven Express....

I didn't attack my "former employer," I attacked the fact that The Lock Haven Express, their publisher Bob Rolley and managing editor Lana Muthler peddles left-wing talking point fake news. And not just that, but they actually fund Democratic Party campaigns as well. It's just horrendous “journalism.”

But according to The Record, I just attacked my former employer. Never mind all of the lies and unethical practices, I just had it out for them because they were my former employer.

...Despite promoting the counter-demonstration prior to Friday night, he said, "It was never about a counter-protest; we just wanted to cause a stir in Lock Haven and put the political left out of whack, which we were successful in doing."

"Promoting the counter-demonstration."

Sure, for like two days. And we still happened to bring 15-20 people, maybe even a little over that number. And for an "operation" that never really needed a turnout to be successful, I say it ended up going very well for us – even with all of the circumstances. 15-20 people was actually a great turnout for our situation.

While Powell and another 10 or so observers stayed on the south side of E. Main Street, the Black Lives Matter group conducted its fourth peaceful call for social justice demonstration across the street.

This statement is certainly slanted to the Left. Lipez claimed that BLM is "peaceful" and just out here for "social justice," but there was no mention from The Record directly (and The Express is guilty of it too) about Black Lives Matter being surrounded by accusations of rape, prostitution, child neglect, fraud and attempted theft.

Nor was there any mention about BLM bullying several members of the Lock Haven and Clinton County community out of their jobs and livelihood if they had opposing views.

But this is what we've seen from the press over and over again: Outright bias. The left-wing can do wrong, no matter what it is, but the right-wing has to play extraordinarily close to the rules, or it could be chaotic with us falling into the MSM narrative.

It's quite sickening, but journalism in America has been dead for quite some time now.

To the credit of The Record, however, they did publish my statement to them in its entirety and left it completely unedited. I’m appreciative of that, I guess. It was literally the only fair thing that was done to me throughout this whole process, and it's certainly a lot more than I can say about The Lock Haven Express.

Now, back to what Lipez had said, which will be a piece of his that we’ll get to later: You all remember when he said there was no stir, correct? That I had completely lied about that and I'm just spreading right-wing propaganda fake news?

Yeah, that.

Here's even more evidence that Lipez is full of shit: The public reaction, after the already load of public reaction that we previously went over.

Showing my level of effectiveness, it was obvious that I created a whirlwind throughout the entirety of Clinton County, and I even reached other areas in central Pennsylvania.

When I posted my statement on Facebook, it was my base that stepped up to the plate first to spread positivity our way:

BLM's a Chump Club.
The people around here obviously never get out of this town. I doubt any of those clowns have seen the riots and damage in Los Angeles, New York City and Miami like we have, firsthand. It's easy to bury your head in the sand when you're in a small town, dealing with a bunch of small time losers. They need a reality check.
Well done Andrew and Crystal Annabelle.....well done...!
Good read!
It was fun to watch tho.. I appreciate the front row seat
I thought you conducted yourself as a gentleman Andrew.
I loved the part when my friend drove by with the Thin Blue Line flag they instantly started chanting no good cops in a racist system
Yes, well stated!
Nice we already knew CC [Clinton County] is filled with lies .

And then the Left started flooding in with their expected bullshit:

I can see why you needed to start an independent outlet for your work.
How do you troll something that's planned months ahead? You failed, now you have to back-pedal and make it look planned. Classic narcissism at its best. Reminds me of the orange cheeto in the White House. For a professional journalist, your writing is extremely biased, and quite frankly quite poor. Oh, by the way, I've been a Republican for 41 years. You're an embarrassment to the party.
There was no 'frenzy' it was a normal protest for the area, no different than the ones before it. But congratulations, you got the attention you clearly so desperately crave, wow.
You know, I thought Amber Lynn was going to become the new Karen but maybe its Crystal.
One comment when you discuss black on black violence. This is a political term specifically used to target African-Americans. You never hear people mention white on white violence. However the fact is most violent crimes are committed by people that know each other. Therefore it stands to reason that in overpopulated urban communities there would be more crime But it's not necessarily per capita. Again you never hear of white on white crime. The term black on black crime in your reporting of it is simply a way to deter from the actual truth in fact of systematic segregation. A lot of this article is hype But congrats on trying to get your name out there.
There really needs to be an eyeroll emoji. Years ago, in my college intro to political science course, my professor told me I had a perfect understanding of Marxism. BLM is not Marxism.
Laugh at the racist dinosaurs, they're pathetic and moribund.
Your failed effort to protest a protest AGAINST racism led to this post. Your post is full of lies, and you need to educate yourself on BLM. This group is NOT led by Marxists (as I'm sure you are aware, being the great journalist you claim to be). There were NO rifles (or any other weapons) held by BLM protesters, nor were expletives being yelled at you. And as far as your "supporters'' being scared... The only thing they are scared of, is exposing themselves as racists. All you managed to do, was expose how racism does exist in our small towns, by all the comments made on posts about your failed endeavor. Go back to your parent's basement. You are nothing but a fraud.

I can't help but to bring this up yet again, but remember what John Lipez and The Record said about there not being a "stir?"

I still can't get over how funny that is, it was blatantly obvious we created chaos throughout Clinton County and shook the area's political Left.

It's amazing the outright lies the mainstream media will tell you.

Another thing I was accused of, this by a random Leftist, was being at some Nazi rally that took place in a town that's around a half hour away from Lock Haven. That town is Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Apparently, the group was waving Nazi flags and I was joining them in their festivities. The rally has been verified, me being there is left-wing propaganda. It's a lie. It's fake news. But you know how it is for all of us Trump supporters, Republicans, conservatives and right-wingers in today's society: We're racist Nazi scumbags. Nothing more, nothing less. Never mind the actual facts.

They claimed to have seen me driving these Nazis around in a van, and when that was fact-checked and rebuked, the response was immediately, "Oh, well, it must have been somebody who looked just like you then. You must have a twin."

Because, of course.

The Left is so full of shit.

After that "stir" was caused with my Facebook post and The Record's news article, John Lipez himself would then make another appearance with another write-up. This time, with a hit piece on yours truly, which to be honest, I wasn't aware of until I was in the middle of writing this book.

Let's break down Lipez's false outrage towards me, shall we?

The whole thing turned out to be a sham, that counter-protest called for last Friday by, it turns out, a non-existent anti-Black Lives Matter group named Operation Backyard.

Lipez decided to start out his write-up calling my "operation" a "sham." If it was just some ordinary counter-protest, sure, you may have me.

However, turning out 15-20 people with only a couple of days' promotion with no intention of bringing out a huge turnout to begin with, and accomplishing our goals of getting press, free promotion, exposing the area's political Left, creating chaos and so on, I say it wasn't a sham at all. If anything, it was a success.

On the Netflix original documentary "Get Me Roger Stone," one of Stone’s proteges Michael Caputo said that Stone taught him that the media was lazy. Here is the full quote:

They're either evil or they're lazy, or they're both. And if you understand that, you can do whatever you want.

Just like the book "Stone's Rules" by Roger Stone, his Netflix original documentary "Get Me Roger Stone" has been very influential in my career, political life, personal life, and even my wardrobe. Roger J. Stone is a legend. (VIDEO: "Get Me Roger Stone"/Netflix/YouTube)

It's incredibly true, both overall and in my situation, which is exactly why I was able to control the news cycle of both The Lock Haven Express and The Record so easily.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't think Bob Rolley and The Express are evil, nor do I think John Lipez and The Record are evil. I just think they're all lazy, extraordinarily lazy.

With Lipez and The Record, that was evident when he claimed that Operation Backyard was a "non-existent anti-Black Lives Matter group," which was never an “existent group" at all.

To the press and general public, this was introduced as a single-event operation meant to protect Lock Haven and Clinton County from the Marxist group Black Lives Matter. I said this in The Express, and that piece circulated all over Clinton County, so I'm sure he read it.

Still though, he labeled us a "group."

Sure, this is a small deal, but it highlights some of the laziness that exists within our mainstream media. We've seen it from the big networks, and it's even like this in our left-leaning small-town newspapers. I mean, seriously, you couldn't ask me exactly what Operation Backyard was before just labeling it as a "group"?

Andrew Powell was/is the local man behind Operation Backyard and after very few showed up to demonstrate against the Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Lock Haven, he basically said, "just kidding."

As I mentioned earlier, 15-20 people showing up to our "counter-protest" with all of our circumstances and just two days of promotion, I say that it wasn't too bad. As far as saying I was "just kidding?"

We literally did everything we wanted to do, I wasn't kidding about anything.

The purpose of the "social experiment" was to extend our life in that particular news cycle – extend the self-promotion – and The Record fell right into our trap.

Hell, John Lipez even did me the favor with this hit piece.

We literally controlled the news cycle throughout the entirety of Clinton County with both local outlets from Thursday all the way to Sunday, and the only reason it ended is because we were done with everything we wanted to do. We accomplished everything on our list. It was time to move on to the next thing, and that's exactly what happened.

But remember, remember, REMEMBER what Lipez said: There was no stir.

We literally controlled his outlet and the entire area's press circulation, and this includes social media – believe me, there was certainly a stir. Whether it was love or whether it was hate, it was all a part of the plan.

Think about it for a second: We controlled an entire city and county's thoughts, emotions and feelings for an entire four days – a county in the state of Pennsylvania, which is a pretty big battleground state.

You're just lying to yourself or in denial if you don't think we had a major impact. We had the area's political Right charged up, and the area's political Left shook.

Powell provided The Record an extended treatise on his effort and you can read it from an earlier story on therecord-online; we won't waste the newsprint and ink on it in this print edition.

"We won't waste the newsprint and ink on it in this print edition," but we will waste the newsprint and ink on an entire hit piece on Andrew Powell which will result in even more press for him.

The lack of self-awareness on the Left is simply stunning.

Powell can term his effort a "social experiment" and claim it was "never about a counter-protest." It says here Mr. Powell was more in damage control than anything else in his post-Friday night assessment.

This "damage control" that Lipez speaks of was nothing more than what I've already mentioned: An attempt to extend our life in that weekend's news cycle. That attempt was successful.

John Lipez and The Record can deny it all they want, but they fell for the trap just like The Lock Haven Express did.

"Any press is good press."

And press (and promotion) is exactly what we got.

He said he wanted to cause a stir in Lock Haven and put the political left out of whack and claimed success in both regards. I failed to see a "stir" in the downtown and I'm not sure who makes up the "political left" in our community. The folks I saw Friday evening on the BLM side of the street looked anything but out of whack. I did see a pretty good cross-section of the community, among them four current or retired Lock Haven University faculty members and a veteran number of the Clinton County Bar Association, all with an extensive track record of commitment to the community at one level or another. Again, that was on the Black Lives Matter side of Main Street; I didn't recognize anyone among the ten or so on the "Operation Backyard" side across the street.

You would think as a "professional" journalist that John Lipez would be able to space paragraphs, but apparently not, so I'll go ahead and do it for him.

He said he wanted to cause a stir in Lock Haven and put the political left out of whack and claimed success in both regards. I failed to see a "stir" in the downtown and I'm not sure who makes up the "political left" in the community.

Dude, you wrote a hit piece on me.

Never mind the shit load of evidence that I provided earlier from all across Lock Haven and the entirety of Clinton County, mountains of opinions from all around the community, but guy, you yourself wrote a hit piece on me.

The Lock Haven Express even contacted the local police for their opinion for God sakes.

Can we finally admit here that there was certainly a stir?

Like, come on, there was most certainly a stir.

Any denial is simply fake news, which that's what The Record happens to already be, so it certainly makes sense with this left-wing cesspool of a newspaper.

The folks I saw Friday evening on the BLM side of the street looked anything but out of whack. I did see a pretty good cross-section of the community, among them four current or retired Lock Haven University faculty members and a veteran member of the Clinton County Bar Association, all with an extensive track record of commitment to the community at one level or another.

They "looked anything but out of whack," but felt the need to carry rifles in backpacks, yell expletives across the street, try and taunt me with "Andrew" chants, and never mind what was said and done the night before online – my name and "operation" controlling their entire feed on their Facebook group (which also happened on Friday night after the protest), accusing me of pedophilia, racism and other forms of bigotry to try and discredit me, coming on my own personal Facebook profile to attack me. And I didn’t even mention what they did with my website The Powell Times, or at least attempted to.

Short story for you: On Friday night after the protest, while Black Lives Matter and their left-wing goons were attacking me online, one of their members decided to try and pull one over on me and my self-promotion. As I just mentioned, my website name is The Powell Times, which I promoted right away in my statement towards The Record that pretty much told them (as well as Black Lives Matter and The Express) that they got trolled. Well, the BLM member would actually spend money to “buy” my website domain, which to them was www.powelltimes.com.

The domain was actually www.thepowelltimes.com.


TOP: Lock Haven, Pennsylvania's Black Lives Matter member Chris Bird brags about buying the wrong domain name in a failing attempt to sabotage my website The Powell Times that he wasted $19.00 on. He would also brag about putting a BLM banner on the wrong site in a poor display of attempted "activism." BOTTOM: Lock Haven, Pennsylvania's Black Lives Matter leader Destiny Urena brags about the same thing, not knowing that the domain name was already purchased and reserved for The Powell Times. This is just one display of Urena embarrassing herself throughout the community of Lock Haven, Clinton County and the rest of central Pennsylvania. (PHOTOS: Facebook Screenshots)

Believe me, these people were (and I’m sure still are) completely out of whack.

I don't know of these current or retired Lock Haven University faculty members that Lipez was referring to, nor do I know any veteran member of the Clinton County Bar Association being present. I didn't recognize anybody, and it’s most likely fake news going by the track record of The Record.

However, when we get on the conversation of Lock Haven University, I am aware of a faculty member who attacked me on Facebook regarding "Operation Backyard": Professor Lynn Brunor.

Other than that, I'm not aware of anybody from LHU, nor the Clinton County Bar Association, who was in attendance at Black Lives Matter's protest. And if they were, I hope they know they're embracing a national movement of Marxism and witchcraft Satanism – and have I already mentioned the accusations of rape, prostitution, child neglect, fraud and attempted theft that surrounds this local chapter in particular?

As far as the Lock Haven University professor, it was such a small and quick incident that I don't exactly remember what was said between us. All I remember was that she added me on Facebook just to attack me and spew her Marxism, and then deleted me.

It's quite sad what's going on with American academia and it's been a problem for quite some time now, but it's gotten so bad today that it's created a bunch of entitled spoiled college kids who hate America – and a large blame for that has to go towards the radical left-wing professors that we have teaching our children. (PHOTO: Facebook Screenshot)

That was pretty much all there was with that pathetic cowardly excuse of a "teacher," and the kind of behavior we have sadly gotten accustomed to throughout American academia.

Again, that was on the Black Lives Matter side of Main Street; I didn't recognize anyone among the ten or so on the "Operation Backyard" side across the street.

I can't speak for anybody else with the exception of a couple of others, but even though I worked for The Lock Haven Express, I'm not originally from this area – I'm from Virginia with roots in North Carolina as well, and I lived in New Zealand in both 2019 and 2020. I've been all over the map, including extended stays in Los Angeles, California.

Of course, you're not going to know me. I'm not tied down to Clinton County. I have roots here like North Carolina, sure, and I think this area has great potential if the pushing out of Leftism takes place, but I'm not actually from here. I have family here, I've lived here, I've worked here, but I'm not from here.

That's why John Lipez doesn't know me.

As far as my fiancée is concerned, she's from New Zealand, and this was only her second visit to Lock Haven – that's self-explanatory of why Lipez didn't know who she was.

He knows who we are now though, that’s for sure.

Last but not least, the final person who was with us was Officer Tykie King, who Lipez claims he didn't recognize, but I'm calling bullshit on that one – it was simply another attempt to discredit me and the rest of us on the political Right.

Not only is King an officer here in the community, but he's also the constable for Lock Haven's 1st Ward -- an elected constable. Now if that's not an "extensive track record of commitment to the community at one level or another," then I don't know what is.

We got you there, Mr. Lipez.


What I also did see Friday evening was a potentially volatile situation, brought about by Powell's advance social posturing/postings and a pre-event story containing some dog whistles in the Lock Haven Express (The Record had also been provided Powell's pre-event announcement but in the interest of public safety/community concern elected not to post anything in advance on therecord-online. Instead we waited until the event was over before reporting on what transpired).

Never mind Black Lives Matter being a self-admitted Marxist organization who wants to destroy the nuclear family and is openly into conjuring demonic spirits for their own political benefit. (It sounds crazy, but look it up.) It's actually me who was creating a "potentially volatile situation," the one standing up against the Marxism and Satanism (though I wasn’t aware of it back in the summer, it would be later when I found this out) and standing up for our backyard, well, one of mine – hence the name "Operation Backyard."

Black Lives Matter aren't just open about their Marxism and communism, they're also open about their witchcraft and Satanism. These people are evil. (VIDEO: BANNED.VIDEO)

And not only was I the one standing up for the community, unlike the radical left-wing Marxists who want to terrorize downtown diners and other businesses, I'm the one who was standing up for freedom and American values – you can go back and read the print.

Which brings me to Lipez's "dog whistles" comment, saying that my "pre-event story" had contained a few of them. If you notice, however, even though Lipez says I had these "dog whistles," he never mentioned whatsoever in the story what "dog whistles" he was referencing – that's because there weren't any.

It's blatant propaganda.

"Dog whistles" is a term invented by the Left to discredit anything that is said on the Right as "racist" or "bigoted." It's the same thing over and over and over with this side of the aisle. It's nothing more than a tool to attack, discredit and dehumanize.

Everything I said in my original statement (and after the fact) was fact-based.

I called Black Lives Matter “Marxist,” they admitted this as an organization. One of their members in Lock Haven is a self-admitted member of Antifa, a domestic terrorist organization who embraces the philosophy of Communism and political violence.

They've had several serious accusations against them all throughout Clinton County, this isn't just me being conspiratorial, more than half of the community is not in favor of the local BLM chapter.

What exactly are the dog whistles?

It's nothing more than fake news left-wing propaganda, something that John Lipez and The Record dabbles in religiously.

I love this part from the above paragraph though:

What I also did see Friday evening was a potentially volatile situation, brought about by Powell's advance social posturing/postings and a pre-event story containing some dog whistles in the Lock Haven Express

"Powell's advance social posturing/postings and pre-event story"

At least Lipez knows that I bring the heat, I give him credit there. He's aware that I'm not just some "street right-winger," he knows that politics is a sport to me and strategy is a game – we'll get to that momentarily.

Which is another reason why I think Lipez felt the need to do a hit-piece on me. He wanted to push me out of a community that he's had power over for decades, and he didn't want that kind of competition when it came to local journalism, especially with his readers on the political Right.

Lipez may hate me, not that I give a shit, but he certainly knows that I'm effective.

I give him that.

The last part of the above paragraph is both hilarious in the form of Lipez and The Record being cowards, and sad because it highlights their censorship and suppression of thought: