'2020' BOOK EXCERPT: Andrew Powell vs. Everybody

In my previous chapter about the Lock Haven, Pennsylvania chapter of Black Lives Matter, I asked why are there literally no actual black people involved? I have another question for them as well: Why are there so many people in this chapter who have a hard time kneeling correctly? (PHOTO: Laura Jameson/The Express)

This is an excerpt from Andrew Powell's first book '2020: A Year So Wild I Had To Write a Book About It' which is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2021


Originally, we were supposed to leave on July 5th to head back to New Zealand, so we managed to stay in the United States until July 4th and were able to celebrate America's birthday.

Also originally planned on the 4th of July was a Black Lives Matter protest.

Let's start with some fireworks before the fireworks, shall we?

With Crystal being a Kiwi, she never experienced our 4th of July holiday before, and for years, she always wanted to be in the United States for that particular holiday.

Well, she finally got her opportunity, and did it in style.

One of the main reasons why she was so excited was because of how we do fireworks, and since it was her very first 4th of July, I decided to go out and buy around $600 worth of top-notch fireworks – we made sure we got the loud explosive ones that go "boom.”

The money spent was certainly well worth it. Not only were the fireworks loud and explosive, but we also got a massive-sized quantity for our buck. In fact, we got so many fireworks that we couldn't even finish all of them before getting worn-out. We had literally been shooting them off all night, running back and forth between setting them up and getting away, and eventually got tired out – there were plenty of "booms" left over.

It was a pretty fun night, and Crystal's first 4th of July was a success! It was sad that we were leaving the country the next day, but overall, Independence Day 2020 was a grade-A success!

We did have one minor problem with a grumpy neighbor who was complaining about us shooting off fireworks at 10:00 PM. Never mind about it being a Saturday night as well, but I simply responded with, "Lighten up, man. It's the 4th of July."

To his credit, he kept his mouth shut, went into his house and minded his own business for the rest of the night. However, it was a bit disappointing that someone would complain about fireworks on America's birthday, especially when that someone had a Trump/Pence 2020 sign in his front yard.

Are you patriotic or not?

Speaking of not being patriotic, the Lock Haven chapter of Black Lives Matter also had something planned for the 4th of July, and that happened to be another protest.

I mentioned earlier that a few weeks prior in the last BLM protest, there was the right-wing opposition created by us, but that wasn't all, there was also other opposition coming from hard-working Lock Haven citizens.

Well, the July 4th protest that was planned by Black Lives Matter was actually cancelled because of this opposition – their leader even admitted this in a video call with the mayor of Lock Haven. In other words, they got bitched down and decided to pass on their event as a result.

It was honestly a small moment of glory for me. Not much, because at the end of the day, these guys are completely ineffective, but it was just a tad because I was reveling in these spoiled white college indoctrinated kids' disappointment.

They had an opportunity to make a political statement on the 4th of July, and failed.

I used the content for a Facebook post and then moved on, we had a flight to catch the next morning and celebrated July 4th with massive fireworks that night. They were easily forgotten, and quickly.

Due to my opposition and other pressure from the area's political Right, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania's chapter of Black Lives Matter cancelled their 4th of July protest. It was one battle out of many that I won against this bunch. (PHOTO: Facebook Screenshot)

As you found out in the 'Going Back To Cali' chapter, we would end up losing our passports in Los Angeles and were forced to stay in the United States for another month because of all of the circumstances.

About a week or two back into Pennsylvania, the local chapter of BLM decided to throw their hat back into the ring and had another protest. They actually had two events overall on that particular weekend: 1. The first one was on Friday where it was an actual protest that they had planned right in downtown Lock Haven. 2. Their next event was on a Sunday, where they were having a "community cleanup" picking up trash across the community that was never actually there. In other words, it was just an opportunity for good press.

The Lock Haven, Pennsylvania chapter of Black Lives Matter's amateur flyer promoting Friday's protest. (PHOTO: Lock Haven Black Lives Matter)

After the embarrassment of getting absolutely steamrolled by Lock Haven's political Right in the first protest that I attended and backing down from their original 4th of July plans, I personally found it laughable. It was a joke at this point, you couldn't take them seriously anymore – not that you really could to begin with.

So, what's a right-winger to do when you've already won?

Troll them, and swim in the press while doing it.

Me and my fiancée launched "Operation Backyard," and we had three main agendas with this "operation": 1. To troll the local Black Lives Matter chapter and create confusion, suspense, fear and a level of opposition. 2. To get both media outlets in the area, The Lock Haven Express and The Record, talking about our operation, achieving both press for us (and trolling them in the same breath) and stealing the spotlight from the local BLM leader – who's a media whore. 3. To create absolute chaos in a small-town that isn't really used to it, and the reason for this was to troll and worry the Left, putting them in a frenzy, and add political charge and hope to the Right which had been beaten down before we came into town.

And these were just the three main agendas. There was a ton of different stuff that we had set out to accomplish, and to our credit, we accomplished everything on our list.

While Crystal and I had just got into the United States and the Black Lives Matter riots had first started, the Lock Haven chapter was pretty quick to launch their operation as well, and they had held a protest before we had got into town.

One of the highlights of that first protest was centered around Rick Holter, a 62-year-old conservative from Lock Haven, who was originally downtown to get something to eat and enjoy a Friday night with his girlfriend.

However, those plans were ruined when Black Lives Matter showed up.

While Holter and his girlfriend were out getting something to eat, Black Lives Matter was marching down the street and yelling their same old generic chants, right in the middle of all of the restaurants and other businesses with dozens of people outside.

A night of peace had just turned into a night of rude cultural Marxism.

"I didn’t care if it was The Rolling Stones, the menacing noise was ridiculous and I was there for a peaceful dinner with my girlfriend," stated an angry Holter in an exclusive interview with The Powell Times.

Holter would then go on Facebook and voice his displeasure towards the Black Lives Matter chapter and their disrupting of the peace, and the post would end up going viral around Lock Haven and the rest of Clinton County.

And when that happened, chaos began...in the form of online bullying.

"They threatened to go after my job, but I had removed it under the advice of a supervisor," Holter said. "A person I work with, however, got involved and was turned into the state [where he works] and he is on probation right now."

Here are the rest of Holter's comments to The Powell Times:

I was called all sorts of racist names, a terrible human being and so on. You know, I felt very uncomfortable sitting there [in downtown Lock Haven] once a crowd of people got riled up, there wasn’t a way of knowing what direction the mood could have gone. A friend did reach out to me and said that most of the people that attacked me were high school and college students. At that point, I was feeling uncomfortable in my home and had all the outside lights on and let's just say I had my 2nd Amendment rights ready to be used. I was in fear. I did try to reason with these people, but they would have none of it. Then one of the football coaches from Lock Haven University, Ed Sprague, got involved calling me racist. He is one of those liberal idiots who thinks he is one of those social warriors that leads kids, but he is a whining liberal. He got in a heated argument with some guy and they got to the point where they were going to meet and fight because of this.

Rick Holter is just one victim around Lock Haven and Clinton County who has been a victim of online bullying, being threatened fiscally and other intimidation tactics of BLM. There's been countless amounts of people in this area that this particular chapter of Black Lives Matter has bullied.

Including myself, but none of it surprised me. After all, I'm in politics, I'm used to this stuff. I knew exactly how they would react. I mean, literally, they reacted exactly how I thought they would when Operation Backyard was going on.

And speaking of Operation Backyard, let's get into the process of how that entire thing went down, because to this day, there are people who ask me what the hell it exactly was. And understandably so, it was something that we launched spontaneously and quickly. It literally went from being non-existent to a full out operation in a matter of hours. It was amazing.

The protest was planned for a Saturday, and it was a Tuesday night when we formulated the idea and plan of "Operation Backyard."

Late Tuesday, I contacted one of my operatives to create a logo for Operation Backyard, and to make it have a stereotypical tough conservative look. I think that was accomplished, and to my operative's credit, he was quick and efficient about it.

My operative was quick and efficient in making a logo for our "counter-protest" that was only a few days away from the original moment we launched "Operation Backyard." (PHOTO: The Powell Times)

Step one complete.

Up next, it was time to get out the logo and we had a press release attached to it with our mission statement, all of it which was rolled out on all of our social media, both of the media outlets in the area of The Lock Haven Express and The Record, and we also contacted a Facebook group called Clinton County Watchdog to use as a tool as well.

There were multiple reasons for this: 1. Obviously to give exposure to our "operation." 2. To create some kind of opposition against the local Black Lives Matter chapter. 3. To worry and confuse the local BLM chapter. 4. To obtain press and troll them in a news cycle. 5. To create outright chaos in Lock Haven and Clinton County, particularly aimed at the area’s political Left.

Each of those missions would end up being successful, and easily.

Let's start with what we sent to the media, published on Clinton County Watchdog, and posted on social media.

This is how we introduced ourselves to the press:

Hello, My name is Andrew Powell and I am the leader of Operation Backyard, the counter-protest planned for Friday, July 17 against the BLM protest scheduled between 5:00-7:00 PM in downtown Lock Haven. We will also be joined by the Bald Eagle-Allegheny Front III% militia. I'm contacting you for this counter-protest to be publicized in your outlet, and this because of attention being given to the other side in Destiny Urena and the Lock Haven chapter of BLM. I think it is fair that citizens of this great area get to have both views from both sides of this issue. I will personally be happy to give you more information regarding Operation Backyard, our mission, as well as quotes in any fashion including in person, over the phone or through email. Attached to the email is a couple of images of the logo for this operation.

Also, here was the announcement that was originally published on Clinton County Watchdog, as well as sent to the press via attachment to our introduction.

OPERATION BACKYARD: The Democratic Party's cultural Marxism already has control of the country's major metropolitans, and now they're coming after Small Town America here in our very own backyard of Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. After shutting down the local BLM protest on July 4th, the Lock Haven chapter is back in action on Friday, July 17 from 5:00-7:00 PM, and they will be located on the corner of Main Street and Jay Street. The last time out, our right-wing opposition was effective, and as previously mentioned, we were successful in getting BLM to shut down their protest that was scheduled on America's birthday. This Friday, we're hoping to do the same thing, and we once again need your help! A small team is already building, and we're hoping to have as many Republicans, Libertarians, non-party conservatives and libertarians, and just regular defenders of the greatest country in the world and our way of life. Let's face it: Democrats, Marxists and the Left want to completely transform the United States of America, and we just cannot let that happen. Which is why we need to mobilize. Our counter-protest will feature megaphones, signs and patriots ready to peacefully combat the Marxism that is trying to infiltrate our home. If you're interested in mobilizing and being a part of Operation Backyard, just send me over a message and we can get to planning and organizing as a group. Feel free to bring American and Trump flags, your own signs, megaphones, cameras, wear gear, etc. Again, our right-wing opposition (with much less mobilization) was able to shut them down before, and we can certainly do it again with our current operation. And it isn't just about cultural Marxism either. The Lock Haven chapter of BLM also has accusations of rape, prostitution, child neglect, fraud and attempted theft surrounding them, and we cannot let people of this character dictate what's going on in Lock Haven. We cannot let these Marxists control the way we live. And we cannot let them become stars and have power in our community. We are the silent majority, but the time is now that the silent majority speaks. For BLM, this isn't about justice, it's about destroying America. For more information and to continue the process of getting our side press, feel free to contact me through this email address of andrewpowellwriting@gmail.com. Thank you and have a wonderful day, Andrew Powell Operation Backyard

The Lock Haven Express would immediately take the bait and came to me for extra quotes. (Because, of course, and if you're familiar with their newspaper, you understand what I mean.)

As far as The Record is concerned, they never got back to me, quickly seeing through my trolling, rejecting me and my “operation” from getting press. (Sike)